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The year of 2020 promises to be a year of shifting energies! Uranus's journey through Taurus is collectively bringing forth
an opportunity to utilize self values to manifest resources,through the context of astrology!

Awareness through Astrology is offering a series of astrology classes during 2020 that has the potential to assist you in
creating reality or assist others in doing it!

If you have considered astrology as a vocation, this is the year to start that process! The first astrology class being offered
in the series is the basic class that outlines the building blocks of astrology to create a solid foundation of information, in a
very simple fashion. You will learn the basic principles in relationship to planets, signs, houses and aspects! Using your
personal chart, you will learn how to understand the dynamics of your personal birth potential and how to use it to create a
desired reality!

The classes are offered through CD's. Power Point Presentations and review questions.  You begin when you are ready and
complete them at your pace! You will receive one class per week via email.  Contact Veronica at 615-355-4983 or for registration details!

Basic Astrology Classes
Discover.... how to interpret your natal birth chart.  Basic Astrology explores the meanings of the planets,
signs, houses and aspects of  your birth chart.  The goal of this class is to familiarize you with your natal
energy and how to effectively use this energy to make choices which concern your life.  Gain understanding of
your birth energy today!  

Planetary Phases
The goal of this class is to promote the use of planetary phases as an aid to goal setting and achievement.  
Understanding and knowledge of when planetary phases begins enable you to align your energy with the
Universe in achieving your goals.  This is based on the work of  the late  Robert “Buz” Myers, an international
renowned astrologer and is on the cutting edge of astrology!

Intermediate Astrology Classes
The goal of this class is to give more depth to the interpretation of  a horoscope.

This class offers instruction on calculating a birth chart, retrograde planets, intercepted planets,
decantes/duads, prenatal eclipses, arabian parts, fixed stars and eclipses.

Advanced Astrology Classes
The purpose of the Advanced Astrology class is to give the participants an opportunity to explore various
astrological techniques which enhance their capabilities as astrologers.

Topics include in-depth chart analysis, secondary progressions,  solar arc directions,  transits, solar and
lunar returns and planetary cycles.

New Moon Workshops
There is a monthly workshop on the energy of the New Moon with utilizes a personalized journal for each

There are also
monthly workshops on diversified topics such as retrogrades, eclipses, asteroids, fixed stars
and much, much more!

Personal Tutoring Sessions!

Personal tutoring sessions are available on a per hour basis. Contact Veronica for details!

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