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                                     By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of January 13, 2020, starts off with a tone of authoritative power, as the Sun, Saturn and
Pluto stand together in Capricorn as one conglomerate, illuminating an opportunity to recognize your personal
efforts of being a CEO of personal reality!  While you may be rewarded with appreciation and/or compensation
in the arena of your demonstration of personal power, the true value lies in having the opportunity to live your
life on  your terms.

Mercury, the planetary spokesperson is also positioned in Capricorn at the degree of the lunar eclipse on
July 16, 2019, which is a message to review personal attitudes and ideals, which have been illuminated in the
areas of emotional and financial security.  The information being received now is available to make the
necessary changes, to manifest a successful emotional and authoritative shift within to nurture and parent
oneself, to complete a personal transformation related to one’s purpose and emotional self-values.

Meanwhile, the Moon is finishing up a dramatic visit in Leo, as she finds herself in a dynamic with Venus in
Aquarius, as a confrontational exchange others with others regarding personal self-values, resources and shared
resources.  In actuality, the root cause of the confrontation is an illumination regarding the values of
unconditional love of Aquarius versus the conditional love of expectations and demands of Leo.  The key now
is to determine if your self-values are as important to you, as the proclaimed love of another as long as you
sacrifice your needs for theirs.

As the workday begins, the Moon travels into methodical Virgo with an opportunity to clean up negative
emotional messages received from others about oneself.  The Moon’s first planetary interaction is with Chiron
the wounded healer positioned in Aries, which sets the tone for the next couple of days.  

Therefore,  you can either squabble with others or silently in your mind with emotional frustration, over
perceived boundary violations, or you can choose to allow others to have their opinions about you, which has
nothing to do with you!  Shake it off, like water over a ducks back and use the information received to
consciously create and manifest personal reality!

You will be glad you did after lunch, when Venus the planetary agent of relating and resources, slips below the
surface of oceanic Pisces into the realms of unconscious emotions.  Venus in Pisces is quite adept in
unconsciously creating reality through visualization, meditation, hypnotic suggestions and artistic creativity.   
There is also a tendency now unconsciously dissolve current career goals, and reform them with spiritual
guidance and awareness, if they don’t feel right.  

However, a powerful planetary lineup in Capricorn is also offering huge opportunities to communicate,
promote and manifest your vision to the world!  The key is to use the information received from emotional
feelings as the basis of your vision, and allow Spirit to guide the process, with no attachment, judgment or
emotional criticism, of how the outcome unfolds and manifests!

On January 15, the Moon dances into accommodating Libra, the sign of relating and resources, with a hidden
agenda to take care of oneself through others.  Venus, the goddess of relating and the CEO of Libra is hiding in
the shadows, as she moves through the illusions of relation with rose colored glasses.  So relationship agendas
now may be cloaked in the undying love of soul mates, with a can’t live without you feeling.  

However, make no mistake Venus in Pisces is quite adept in getting her desires met in a conscious state of
defenseless victimization.  The awareness of the potential unfolding of this dynamic, will be the foundation
upon which relationship challenges will unfold during the next couple of days, as five planets in Capricorn
will demand accountability of issues which are projected as a savior energy.

Before the Moon leaves Libra on January 17, it encounters the Sun in Capricorn in a third quarter lunar phase,
offering an opportunity to take responsible actions regarding emotional feelings about relationships with others
and personal desires, regarding the manifestation of intentions during the next nineteen years!

After lunch on January 17, the emotional landscape shifts as the Moon rushes into powerful Scorpio, with
feelings spilling out into the work environment, like a dam bursting from pent up pressure!  Mars, the daily
ruler of Scorpio is currently traveling through athletic Sagittarius, so finding an appropriate physical release of
those feelings is suggested!  Going for a run, before you head out on the highway for the weekend, will help to
release feelings in a context to work through them, instead of venting them onto others!
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
Copyright 1989 -2020 by Veronica G. Hartman and Awareness through Astrology  (All rights Reserved)
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January 13, 2020