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                                                                 By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of December 17, 2018, begins on a galactic note as the Sun rises in Sagittarius at the degree of
the Milky Way Galaxy Center, illuminating a huge opportunity to creatively shape materials according to an
individual vision being transmitted by the Soul.  Jupiter, the cosmic Santa Clause is also traveling through
Sagittarius now, offering a gift to find the mother within you guiding your own inner child.  Sag is the adventurer of
the Zodiac, so now is a unique opportunity to embark on an exploration of the Soul.

The Sun in Sagittarius is also engaging favorably with Uranus in Aries, illuminating another major opportunity to
become in tune with your inner voice, which is bringing forth messages in accordance with your path.  
This opportunity will not occur again during the next eighty four years, so take advantage of it now, or listen to the
voice of regret echoing through time, to know the essence of your being as a particle of  the Great I AM.

The caveat is that Mars is drifting through Pisces from the residue of recent challenges experienced with the Sun,
with lingering traces of doubt regarding actions taken regarding one’s life purpose.  The key to to be aware that you
are being protected by higher, more aware, energies and to grow one’s faith for the journey ahead.

Meanwhile, the Moon is sprinting through impulsive Aries with the emotional encouragement to move forward in
life, from the lessons learned from childhood and family experiences, with the awareness that the past only has an
effect upon the present, if you choose to live there.  As the Moon moves toward a union with Uranus, the opportunity
to break free from whatever you allow to hold you back from becoming all that you have the potential to be is
available, if you have the courage to believe in the possibilities and in yourself.

Just before the day ends, Venus finally moves out of the shadow of its recent retrograde cycle, with a message that
the worst is over regarding the feelings of being suffocated by relationships, jobs, responsibilities, resources, or the
lack of the same.  The value of this recent Venus retrograde has been to become aware of an ability to cope with
overwhelming situations with inner resources that you didn’t realize that you had.  Now, you have the knowledge and
experience of being able to save yourself, instead of relying on others to do so.

In the early hours of December 18, the Moon trudges into calm and reliable Taurus, with an opportunity to renew
emotions with flowing free energy.  The key is to take an emotional breather from the hustle and bustle of the holiday
season, to enjoy the beauty of it.  It is also an opportunity to stop attempting to cram the magic of the season into one
day, and celebrate everyday with the awareness of the one day chosen to believe in the magic.   Can you imagine what
life would be, if it were lived every day with the sacredness that Christmas Day personifies?  Nothing short of heaven
on earth!  Whether it is a choice to spend quality time in nature with yourself or others, or a great dinner in a simple
environment will be a valuable resource to refresh one’s emotional energy.

One December 20, the Moon cheerfully enters Gemini with positive feelings, as it awakens to birds singing
without a care in the world.  Symbolically, the birds have an important message to fly free from the feelings of family
members regarding the plans for the holidays, and go where your heart leads you on this adventure of life!  It is highly
significant now to become conscious of your personal desires, without emotionally investing in what others want
from you to satisfy their emotional needs.  Otherwise, you may miss the opportunity to be the CEO of your life!

A momentous occasion occurs during the afternoon of December 21, as the Sun moves into authoritative Capricorn,
announcing the Winter Solstice.  For the most part, it will go unnoticed as attention is given to the flurry of
Christmas activities, as cooking and shopping for last minute gifts are given priority.  Yet underneath the obvious
activities, something quite magical is taking place, as the Sun slows down its movement in the solar system and
symbolically dies as it is furthest from the earth.  The life force of the planet is waning until the reaches the sign of
Capricorn where it is reborn, and symbolically embodies the point of greatest contact with universal consciousness,
where collective wisdom has been assimilated and man is symbolically transformed.  The self has become the Christ
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
Copyright 1989 -2018 by Veronica G. Hartman and Awareness through Astrology  (All rights Reserved)
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December 17, 2018