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                                               By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of November 23, 2017  begins with the Sun rising in optimistic and fiery Sagittarius, illuminating an
opportunity to get below the surface of potential emotional storms, where things are calmer and more reliable for an
alternative perspective.  Simple gatherings and family reunions may churn up memories with deep emotions for
resolution through shared values.  While having the courage to take a personal stand regarding what is expected offers
the experience of having the freedom to create personal traditions, it may be perceived as going against the status quo.

However, the Moon is void of course in Capricorn so having no emotional attachments to the fulfillment of outcomes is
useful in pursing them.  Later in the afternoon, the Moon breezes into emotionally detached Aquarius, so all bets are off
from feeling obligated to fulfill the emotional expectations of others!  The caveat with the Moon traveling through erratic
Aquarius during the traditional holiday shopping extravaganza, may become an emotional frenzy!  Another consideration
of the shopping experience now, is that Mercury the planetary messenger and in charge of sales, is in the shadow of the
upcoming retrograde cycle on December 3, so it is wise to read the fine print on all purchases, especially large ones.  
The always welcome gift of cash may be the best way to avoid returned gifts, which may be unable to be returned.  
For those who are returning home after the holidays by air travel, there may be unexpected delays or mechanic issues.
An emotional reprieve of peace may be on the horizon on November 26, as the Moon floats upon the emotional ocean
of Pisces, offering an opportunity to sail upon emotional tranquil waters.  The key with the Moon in Pisces is to stay in
the boat, instead of becoming unconsciously submerged by the emotional past or involved in the agendas of others.  
Meditation, creative artistic endeavors, and spiritual practices are a means to engage with Spirit to recharge emotional
batteries before the work week begins.

On November 28, the Moon charges into impatient Aries with emotional fervor to take immediate actions regarding
personal values and desires, which can favorably impact career choices and decisions.  During the next couple of days, it
is important to pay attention to personal feelings, instead of being swayed by the the opinions of others about what is
important to you.  While the information gleaned by others has value, ultimately you will have to make the decision that
feels right for you.
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
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November 23, 2017