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                                                      By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of March 2, 2021, begins with the Sun rising in spiritual Pisces, highlighting an
opportunity to follow your bliss on a path of self-discovery, which may become narrow as the
illumination of what is truly significant is revealed.

Jupiter, the daily ruler of Pisces is moving through free-spirited Aquarius with an intuitive insight to
seek counsel from the storehouse of knowledge in the unconscious mind, as the daily CEO of
Aquarius is also residing in Aquarius with a desire for inner thoughts to manifest into daily life
practices.  Whereas, Uranus the transcendental ruler of Aquarius is moving through Taurus with a
desire to use the creative mind to be free of outer circumstances dependent upon financial resources,
and engages Venus in Pisces to assist the process by using the power of imagination.

Last by not least, Neptune the transcendental ruler of Pisces symbolizes that a higher, more aware
energy is providing spiritual protection through the power of faith.

The unique energy of the Sun moving through Pisces now is that it is enlisting the outer planets of
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune to navigate a new course of existence by using thoughts and
emotions to encompass opportunities, enlightenment, freedom, prosperity, career success, spiritual
awakening, and ascension through forgiveness, faith, receptivity, and the willingness to be
responsible for oneself, and by believing in the ability to accomplish and manifest hopes, wishes,
and dreams.

The caveat is that it will be easy to squander the opportunity by being an unconscious victim to
lackadaisical and indifferent attitudes, which produce no motivation or desire to take necessary
actions to get results.

Meanwhile, the Moon is dancing through charming Libra and may be emotionally distracted by the
elusive behaviors of significant others.  The key is to shift gears from unconsciously creating what
you don't want in relationships and consciously create what you do!  The first step is to be clear
about what you want, and who you want it with.  Then use your imagination to paint a picture of your
desires, and let the Universe work its magic by trusting in the process by having no emotional
attachment to how the outcome manifests!  However, the caveat is knowing that the outcome you
want, maybe different for the other person. Yet, it doesn't hurt to dream!

On the afternoon of March 2, the Moon sinks below the horizon into the mysterious depths of
Scorpio, stirring up emotional memories of past experiences, reviving ghosts that may continue to
haunt the present.  The key is to use those memories to learn from the past, instead of being
tormented by it.  Mars and Pluto are the respective rulers of Scorpio and are working together
harmoniously to transform those memories to build a firm emotional foundation that can be a catalyst
for a greater quality of life for the present.  The caveat is that when you break free from the
dysfunctional past, unexpected changes may occur in relationships that have been held together with
dysfunctional emotional glue.

On the evening of March 3, Mars breaks free from the slow-moving clutches of Taurus as it flies
into fast-moving Gemini, with a desire to fly free from anyone or anything that attempts to control
personal desires or actions!  Fortunately, Mars in Gemini will benefit from Saturn, Mercury, and
Jupiter in Aquarius, so unexpected opportunities for home and career moves may come through
communication.  The key is to consciously use the power of thoughts and words as fuel for positive

The lunar climate shifts significantly on the afternoon of March 4 as the Moon blazes into optimistic
Sagittarius with an emotional sense of humor about home, family, and childhood events.  Sag energy
is the adventurer of the Zodiac and has a keen awareness that life is a blessing, even in the advent of
difficulties.  It is that optimistic awareness and attitude which changes the perception of difficult
experiences and thereby changes the experience itself.

Shortly after, Mercury and Jupiter unite in Aquarius to deliver an optimistic message about the future,
suggesting that it is time to come to terms with one's true worth and to remove the mask you have
been wearing, covering up your unique and authentic self.
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
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