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Awareness through Astrology
                                                      By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of May 21, 2018, begins with the Sun rising in airy Gemini illuminating an opportunity to connect with the
collective unconscious to receive informational messages, which enlarges one’s perspective of reality.  Mercury, the planetary
messenger and CEO of Gemini, is also delivering a message from the unconscious to realize an experience of being at-one-ment
with all life.  The realization comes through a desire to be self sufficient and to follow one’s gut instinct, to attempt new
emotional experiences regardless of skills or experience.

Meanwhile, the Moon is moving through regal Leo with an awareness to release the need for emotional drama-trauma for
attention.  Otherwise, it could lead to a potentially intense dynamic charged with emotions which are rooted in family
conditioning, and projected onto authorities in the career environment.  The Moon goes void of course minutes after the Sun
rises, leaving the Sun in charge for the remainder of the day.

Later in the evening, the Moon methodically ventures into mentally adept Virgo, with a creative attitude which is likened to
bungee jumping into adventures without a net!  The caveat is that Virgo energy is not usually disposed to risk taking experiences,
so while it may be emotionally uncomfortable, it is also liberating at the same time!  

Just before the end of the day, a first quarter lunar phase occurs which is characterized as taking an active leap of faith based on
emotions, without knowing the outcome.  However, in actuality taking no actions could be the bigger risk.  More than likely, a
shift in perception  leads to an attitude adjustment, which opens a door to take unpredictable actions related to self-values.

The lunar landscape shifts significantly on May 24, as the Moon glides into charming Libra, setting the stage for emotional
harmony to prevail with significant others and friends, through caring communication at social events.  However, challenges may
occur in relationships if expectations of emotional care taking are an agenda on the menu.

On May 26, the Moon slithers into a deep tunnel of emotional darkness, as memories of the past float up with conscious
awareness with repressed emotions, which  may be projected on to others.  The caveat is that others may react with
unpredictable actions and behaviors.  The key is to embrace the internal shadows of the past and release the negative emotions
and limiting decisions that have held one a prisoner of the past.
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
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May 21, 2018