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Awareness through Astrology
                                   By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of July 15, 2019, begins with the Sun rising in the nurturing emotional sign of Cancer,
illuminating opportunities materializing on the horizon through faith.   Neptune is floating upon the oceanic
waves of Pisces, supporting the illumination of the Sun, while the Sun also illuminates confrontations with
others, as Pluto is busy transforming internal issues of power related to true inner worth.  

Meanwhile, the Moon is climbing a mountain of powerful feelings regarding emotional security and
commitments, in preparation for the full moon/lunar eclipse on July 16.  The lunar eclipse on July 16 occurs
as the Sun is posed at twenty five degrees of Cancer, illuminating a need to accept the responsibilities of
leadership, while reassessing attitudes and ideals, as it opposes the Moon in Capricorn at twenty five degrees.

Whereas, another powerful opposition occurs as Venus is floating upon an emotional pond of feelings, as it
moves through Cancer, with the keynote that small and steady beginnings can lead to a beautiful flowering,
regarding subconscious values, as it confronts Saturn in authoritative Capricorn who is busy confronting one’s
self regarding self values.

In a nutshell, the solar and lunar eclipse this month are offering an opportunity of new beginnings regarding
inner worth, related to emotional and material values which plays out during the next nineteen years!

In the pre-dawn hours of July 17, the lunar climate shifts abruptly, as the Moon flashes into erratic Aquarius,
like a streak of lightening across the night sky, with a strong desire to break free of burdensome commitments,
to experience hopes, wishes and dreams.  The first planetary encounter occurs with Mercury retrograde in Leo,
over self values and personal finances, followed by a favorable interaction with Chiron in Aries to heal
oneself instead of relying on others.  Afterwards, challenges occur as rebellious Uranus in Taurus is intent on
independently pursuing personal hopes, wishes and dreams.  Later, Mars in Leo may attempt to stop the
process, with dramatic actions which lead nowhere long term.

On July 19, the weekend starts off with the Moon floating into ocean of emotion Pisces, with a desire to escape
the recent emotional chaos.  The key is to refrain from escaping through behaviors of victimization, which are a
catalyst to engage in escapism behaviors to avoid emotional pain, and instead use meditation, hypnosis,spiritual
mind treatment, and/or visualization techniques to communicate with the unconscious mind to heal deep
emotional issues.
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
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July 15, 2019