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Awareness through Astrology
                                        By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of September 24, 2018, begins with the Sun rising in diplomatic Libra, illuminating an opportunity
to transfer the best from the past into the present, to repair recent damages regarding self-values experienced through
the actions of others.  The key is to look to the spiritual center within for solutions, as an evolution of understanding
is taking place regardless of the appearance of circumstances.  As a result, brilliant flashes of energy comes with
maintaining a cool head, which can dissipate the illusions of situations having power, and whereas control is gained
over the situation.

Meanwhile, the Moon is floating upon an ocean of emotion in Pisces, with an opportunity to create an inspired vision
of desires with powerful feelings, which arises from aligning person outcomes with the Source, for the highest good
with positive intentions.  

The caveat is that the Moon is void of course until sunset, so having no attachment to the unfolding manifestation of
outcomes, opens the door for Spirit to work without your emotional interference.  When the Moon blazes into Aries,
it is with a feeling of motivation to move forward with personal desires regarding hopes, wishes and dreams.  

Shortly after, a full moon in Aries/Libra illuminates the emotional balance required to achieve those desires through
a creative purpose, with a little help from the Universe.  The key is to believe in your ability to experience those
desires, take unique and innovative actions received from intuitive insights, and to be bold in asking for assistance
from the Universe, which will benefit all concerned.

On September 27, the Moon moves slowly into gentle Taurus, highlighting opportunities regarding financial
resources through others close to home.  The key is to pay attention to intuition and to take immediate actions
regarding daily routines and the work environment, which may lead to unexpected positive change regarding career

On the morning of September 29, the Moon flies into Gemini with an emotional message from others behind the
scenes, regarding financial resources.  A positive and dynamic interaction between the Sun, Moon and Mars,
indicates communication and connections are the keys to unlocking potential opportunities.  The caveat is that Venus
in Scorpio is slowing down, as it prepares to go retrograde on October 5, so grease the skids now positive intentions
and win/win attitudes regarding career ambitions, financial resources and relationships!  Otherwise, to quote a line
from The American President movie, problems win by “making you afraid of it and telling you to blame for it.”  
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
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September 24, 2018