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                                        By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of January 15, 2018, begins with the Sun rising in earthy Capricorn, illuminating an opportunity to flit
over the surface of concerns, by coming together with others of a shared goal in sight. (1)  Saturn the CEO of Capricorn
is also moving mountains of responsibility, with the assistance of Mercury, Pluto, Venus and the Moon.  Thus a
monumental opportunity exists to receive messages related to transforming values and emotions to support the
manifested of the seeds of intention planted at the recent Sagittarius new moon cycle.  

Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio encourage the transformation with appropriate boundaries, which opens the door for
opportunities regarding career success.  

Meanwhile, the Moon in Capricorn also supports the transformation by being in tune spiritually.  The Moon is also
balsamic to the Sun in Capricorn, suggesting it is time to let go of the desires of the Sag new moon cycle in preparation
of the New Moon cycle in Capricorn on January 16, 2018.

The Capricorn New Moon cycle occurs on the evening of January 16, opening a short window of time to experience
creativity in business matters, which has the potential to ascend consciousness and achieve inner fulfillment. (2)

In the early hours of January 17, the Moon changes gears as it streaks into intuitive Aquarius, with an opportunity to
communicate eccentric ideas with emotional detachment regarding creative pursuits.  Later in the evening Venus the
planet of relating, joins the Moon in Aquarius with values of individuality and enlightenment.   As far as relationships
are concerned, romantic partners may become friends, and friends may become romantic partners!

On January 19, the Moon floats into Pisces opening an emotional doorway, to dissolve illusions that are not in alignment
with new desires surrounding career success.  There are many tools to dissolve and/or release emotional victim states of
consciousness through prayer, meditation and hypnosis.

Later in the evening, the Sun flies into intuitive Aquarius with a renewed interest in creativity, children and romantic
encounters.  Saturn the daily ruler of Aquarius is in Capricorn with a chance to build a foundation for success through
innovative ideas and a thirty year commitment.  However, Uranus is the transcendental ruler of Aquarius and is desiring
freedom from commitments, except to oneself.

(1) Hill, Richard and Lynda.  The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle.  P. 117
(2) Hill, Richard and Lynda.  The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle.  P. 117
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
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January 15, 2018