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Awareness through Astrology
                                                           By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of September 22, 20, begins with the Sun rising in mentally adept Virgo, illuminating an
opportunity to stay true to oneself, and on the path to self-mastery by becoming aware of creating personal
reality with every thought and spoken word.  

Mercury, the planetary messenger and, CEO of Virgo is moving through diplomatic Libra with a message to
look for answers to problems in simple everyday solutions and take time to lighten up and relax with
like-minded creative individuals.  

Meanwhile, the Moon is moving through fiery Sagittarius with optimistic feelings, and a positive attitude to
move forward on manifesting hopes, wishes, and dreams, as it is emotionally ready for a new adventure in life!  
Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sag is in Capricorn, and supporting the opportunity with a business plan of
expansion during the next twelve years with an urgency to go for it!  However, Saturn is the CEO of Capricorn
and still retrograde in Capricorn, and is not quite ready to make a thirty-year commitment to plans, or invest
financial resources until September 28 when it moves forward.  So now is  a time to gather information during
the crescent lunar phase to prepare oneself for the serious commitment required to experience the manifestation
of hopes, wishes, and dreams!

Shortly after sunrise, the Sun enters airy Libra, announcing the Fall Equinox and the flowering of intentions
planted at the Spring Equinox this past March.  This is the time of year in the northern hemisphere when the
harvest of those intentions are experienced.  As the falling leaves of amber, gold, and scarlet blanket the
ground leaving a glorious landscape, the air becomes crisp and cooler as a reminder to enjoy this day of
equal day and night hours to find or create an internal balance of peace within.  As the Sun hovers in the
background of a brilliant sky, it is also illuminating an opportunity to look within the emotional unconscious
realms of the soul for guidance during the next thirty days regarding resources and relationships.

Then in the early evening hours of September 23, Mercury the planetary agent of communication, travel,
information, and ideas goes into the shadow of its upcoming retrograde cycle in mid-October at 26 degrees
of Libra, offering a preview of the cycle when it begins to unwind then.  While most of the Mercury
retrograde cycles seem to be inconvenient, troublesome, and irritating, this one begins with the keynote to,
“temper one’s will with love and bolster up one’s emotional responses with strength, through the cooperation
of mind, will, spirit, and heart.” (1)  As a result, huge doors can open to transform oneself with a
demonstration of caring, fairness, generosity, and love for others.

Shortly after, the Moon begins to climb an emotional mountain regarding career goals, plans, ambitions, and
success with a determined attitude, persistence, and a responsible commitment of achievement, as it moves
into Capricorn.  Saturn, the planetary CEO of Capricorn is currently retrograde and preparing to move forward
on September 28.  So while it may seem that little or no progress has been made since May 10, 20, there has
been.  Plans have been made, strategies considered, and resources invested to actualize career goals during the
next thirty years!  

Just before retiring for the evening, the Moon in Capricorn interacts with the Sun in Libra with a determination
to take an active leap of faith to manifest a desired reality with creative abilities, and the magical imagination
of a child which has no self-imposed limitations!

(1)  Hill, Lynda and Richard.   The Sabian Symbols as An Oracle.  P.87
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
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September 22, 2020