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Awareness through Astrology
                                   By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of July 13, 2020, begins with the Sun rising in empathic Cancer, illuminating an opportunity
to have faith in potential chances on the horizon materializing, through taking a responsible action to admit
what you emotionally desire, before taking an active leap of faith and open pathways to the spiritual center
within to manifest those desires.

The key is to remain focused on an internal creative vision of the desire, instead of becoming distracted by
feelings of frustration with authorities who may be attempting to control your desires; as the Moon finishes a
visit through Aries. That’s how you become the authority of your reality!

Shortly after lunch, the Moon cruises into earthy Taurus, offering an emotional balm to the recent emotional
turbulence of the past week.  The Moon’s visit through Taurus is also opening a doorway to communicate
feelings regarding relationships and resources with clarity, which will help transform values, feelings,
insights, and actions that have clouded the horizon of 2020 since April.  

Venus is the planetary CEO of Taurus is currently moving through fast-paced Gemini with an interest in
investigating hidden information regarding joint resources, intimate relationships, taxes, inheritances, and
money received through others.  She enlists the assistance of Mercury in Cancer and who has just turned direct
with information flowing freely through good feelings about the future to create a base of emotional and
financial security.  The caveat is the inherent potential of becoming expendable, so be careful not to become
complacent or dependent upon others.  

In light of that  awareness, Mars the planet of actions is speeding through Aries and is more than ready to take
assertive actions regarding the work environment with new solutions to old ideas through a reinterpretation of
those ideas and they relate to current circumstances.  The end result demonstrates leadership ability and the
beginning of taking charge of one’s actions with courage.

In the early hours of July 14, the Sun in Cancer faces off with Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn, illuminating a
six-month cycle begun December 27, 2019, when the Sun and Jupiter united at six degrees of Capricorn,
indicating that the World could be facing a difficult and mysterious time which would require preparation for a
journey into the unknown.   

Now the Sun resides in security-oriented Cancer highlighting values and resources, reflecting one’s internal
state of security and what needs to be addressed through shared higher knowledge to receive it.  Whereas,
Jupiter retrograde in powerful and authoritative Capricorn is rewarded for the efforts it has made toward
achieving that internal feeling of security, in what appears to be an insecure world.  However, the balance of
internal emotional and financial security lies within oneself, and whether facing the unknown is experienced
through faith or fear.

Shortly after and just before the Sun rises in Cancer, Mars the planetary agent of assertive or aggressive
actions unites with Chiron, the wounded healer in Aries.  The union offers an opportunity to take assertive
actions of leadership (which have more power than aggressive actions) to find new solutions to old ideas with
courage regarding one’s status in the world; which has the potential to heal wounds precipitated from
impatience and non-acceptance of oneself projected onto others with anger and frustration.  The healing
comes from believing in oneself, instead of believing what others believe about you.

On the afternoon of July 15, the Sun in nurturing Cancer opposes transformation Pluto in authoritative
Capricorn, indicating an illumination of what was taking place on January 13, 20 when the Sun and Pluto
joined together at 23 degrees of Capricorn as the stage of World events was unfolding behind the scenes.  
Now, the opposition between the two indicates a time of emotionally fighting for what is perceived as one’s
territory, or retreating from the battle to gather one’s thought in a quiet place to renew one’s faith and
commitment to spiritual values and better experiences.   

The obvious question is, if you feel you have to fight for your territory, is it really yours for good, or merely
loaned for the purpose of standing up for yourself?  The key is to discern the value of the battle before
committing to it.  However, if you feel that the fight is worth it, then go into it with assertive actions that portray
courage and leadership.

Minutes after midnight on July 16, the Moon travels into communicative Gemini, with a brief window of time
to discuss resources, relationships, and values with a significant other.  The purpose of the communication is
actually to gain clarity of one’s feelings, before taking a responsible action from behind the scenes before the
balsamic lunar phase occurs later in the evening.

However, depending upon the action taken, the next couple of days may be spent dealing with elusive
challenges, and attitude adjustments towards and from authorities regarding career goals and ambitions.    
As the lunar phase is now balsamic, it is important to know what to hold onto and what to let go of, hence
the song lyrics of The Gambler by the late Kenny Rogers; “ you have to know when to hold them, know when
to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.”
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
Copyright 1989 -2020 by Veronica G. Hartman and Awareness through Astrology  (All rights Reserved)
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July 13, 2020