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Awareness through Astrology
                                     By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of October 15, 2018, begins with the Sun rising in charming Libra, illuminating an anticipation of
new opportunities with the awareness of absolute faith of their manifestation into reality.  

Venus, the planetary ruler of Libra is currently backtracking through transformative Scorpio, with the power to repair
the recent damages experienced through others with hidden agendas.  Venus enlists the assistance of Mars the planet
of actions and boundaries, who is currently moving through intuitive Aquarius to take unpredictable actions with  
measured responses, as a result of perceiving subtle changes in the energetic atmosphere.

Saturn in business oriented Capricorn supports the actions by providing a solid foundation to build anew on, through
a cohesive effort of cooperation.  Uranus in Taurus is also providing assistance by offering an opportunity to go with
the flow, changing self values and a need to choose a course of action and stick with it.

Last but not least, Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes a chance to drop the heavy weight of responsibility for others, taken
on as a child.

Meanwhile, the Moon is also traveling through ambitious Capricorn with a powerful opportunity to experience
emotional reassurance and relaxation, through messages of peace, love, and hope from the other side.  The key is to
ask for assistance from elders, mentors and those on the other side that are waiting for the request.
Later in the afternoon, Mercury the planetary messenger with Venus the queen of relating in powerful Scorpio, with
an opportunity to repair recent damages incurred regarding financial concerns and self values, from unpredictable
actions taken by others based in fear.

In the early hours of October 17, the Moon abruptly shifts into eclectic Aquarius, which may start the day off with
unpredictable emotional outbursts or detached responses.  As a result, challenges may occur with others regarding
unexpected opportunities.  The key is to utilize the authority of Saturn to open those doors of opportunity with a
responsible commitment , instead of slamming them shut with rebellious self-values and attitudes.

In the afternoon of October 19, the Moon drifts into intoxicating Pisces, with an emotional desire to take much
needed break, from the recent emotional chaos of the past couple of days.  Thus, the weekend begins with an
opportunity to retreat, relax, and unwind with a glass of wine, meditation, or peaceful rest.  Pay attention to dreams
during the weekend may also reward you with prophetic information and insights, regarding personal desires!
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
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October 15, 2018