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Awareness through Astrology
                                                        By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of April 16, 2018, begins with the Sun rising in energetic Aries, illuminating an opportunity to utilize the
power of creative imagination and visualization, to kick the new moon cycle in Aries off with actions of power, which feeds one’
s higher nature with good nourishment, so one can fly higher.  

Mercury, the planetary messenger has also just begun moving forward in Aries, with an opportunity to lift oneself above the
ordinary and use natural gifts to find a new perspective regarding the direction of the new solar year!  Although, part of that
direction may involve confrontations with oneself or others, if personal boundaries are not recognized or respected by

Fortunately, Venus the planet of relating is moving through calm and steady Taurus with win/win solutions that assist in finding
a reasonable compromise through negotiations that honor personal values and self-worth.

Meanwhile, the Moon has also entered rock solid Taurus, suggesting that emotional harmony and tranquility prevails, as it
interacts favorably with the majority of the other planets during the next couple of days.  Make the most of it by aligning
emotional values to intentions regarding actions, commitments, purpose, transformation, spiritual inspiration,and valuable
relationships, as this alignment does not happen often!

In the early hours of April 17, Chiron the wounded healer speeds into Aries to tackle the process of healing personal wounds
regarding self-values and anger issues related to boundaries, which can result in standing up for oneself with assertive actions.  
Martial arts and rigorous exercise may be the key to moving through the healing process quickly, instead of projecting wounds
onto others.

Later in the evening, Saturn goes retrograde in Capricorn, and it may feel that who ever is in charge of your life has taken a
leave of absence for the next four months, leaving one to wonder who is running the store?  Even though Saturn has temporarily
vacated the premises, self responsibility is even more important.  Think of it as being pushed out of the nest, to see if you can
successfully fly on your own.   Now is also a time of reflection regarding long term commitments to oneself, career goals,
business projects and relationships, which can have long term consequences during the next thirty years.

The emotional landscape shifts significantly on April 18, as the Moon flies into Gemini on a wing, prayer and gentle breeze, with
a message to get a move on taking actions to support the manifestation of opportunities related to hopes, wishes and dreams.  
The caveat is if you want the support of others, you have to communicate your commitment through powerful actions, instead
of impatience and childish behaviors.  

Shortly after, the Sun unites with Uranus in Aries for the last time in eighty four years, with an illumination of intuitive
awareness to awaken to the power and Presence of God within, individualized as you to create personal reality through the
words, I AM.

Before the day ends on April 19, the Sun begins to shine its light through earthy and sensual Taurus, illuminating a period of
time when the fertile earth is showered with the beauty of blooming trees, shrubs and flowers.  There is also an opportunity to
open hearts wider with romantic love and creativity with an invitation to relax, play, love, and enjoy life!

The Moon swims into emotionally sensitive Cancer on April 20, with a kaleidoscope of feelings emerging, as the Moon interacts
with other planets through challenges, opportunities and possible confrontations during the next couple of days.  The key to
moving through the swift and raging river of emotions, is to have an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for the beauty  and
blessings of life, with the realization that feelings are a barometer of whether your are reacting or responding to life experiences.
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
Copyright 1989 -2018 by Veronica G. Hartman and Awareness through Astrology  (All rights Reserved)
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April 16, 2018