Each month there is a valuable opportunity to consciously manifest, the desired reality of one's life with
the energy of the new moon.  The overall theme for 2018 is an opportunity to awaken to the ability to
transform the quality of life, through using one's consciousness to imprint the hologram of each new moon
with specific desires!  Join Veronica Hartman for a series of new moon consultations, available on CD's or
emailed to empower the quality of  your life, utilizing the power of your birthday!

Capricorn NM        "Opportunity to Build a Foundation of Financial Wealth through Creativity!"
Aquarius NM/S      "Opportunity to Build a Foundation of Financial Wealth through Transforming Creative Ideas into Reality!"
Pisces NM              "Opportunity to Manifest Dreams into Reality through the Power of the Unconscious Mind!"
Aries  NM                "Opportunity to Manifest Desires in Daily Activities with Creative Imagination and Visualization!"
Taurus NM             "Opportunity to  Manifest Values of Peace, Harmony and Abundance, through Imaginative Visualization and Communication."
Gemini  NM             "Opportunity to Consciously Manifest Financial Prosperity through Congruent Thought and Actions"!
Cancer NM/SE       "Opportunity to Manifest Creative Visions with an Open Heart."
Leo  NM/SE               "Opportunity to Consciously and Purposefully Create Personal Reality with Passion!"             
Virgo  NM                 "Opportunity to Manifest Abundant Prosperity Through Conscious Thoughts and Communication"
Libra NM                  "Opportunity to Manifest an Abundant and Prosperity Reality through Transformation of Values!"
Scorpio NM             "Opportunity to Manifest Personal Desires and Hopes, Wishes & Dreams through Transformation of  Unconscious Values!"
Sagittarius  NM      "Opportunity to Manifest Financial Wealth through Conscious Intentions, Beliefs and Communication!"

Contact Veronica Hartman at 615-355-4983 to schedule a consultation of cosmic consciousness in regards to the current new moon
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If you been wanting to learn astrology for personal or professional reasons, 2018 is the
year to do it! Saturn in Capricorn is paving the road to create business opportunities  
through astrology!  
Veronica has 25+ years in guiding students to understanding
themselves and the Universe with Awareness through Astrology!  
Learn Astrology from the Convenience of Your Home!
Utilize the Energy of New Moons to Empower the Quality of Your Life!
Leo New Moon/Solar Eclipse Consultations

Learn how to use the energy of the Leo New Moon/Solar Eclipse cycle on August 11, 2018 as an,
"Opportunity to Manifest Personal Creative Desires with an Open Heart."

A new moon consultation is using planetary energy and information in a specific way, to manifest a
specific reality, depending upon your personal hopes, wishes and dreams! Contact Veronica at
615-355-4983 to begin a life changing journey of experiencing a greater quality of life, determined
specifically by you!
2018 New Moon Consultations of Cosmic Consciousness
The Perseid meteors appear to stream
away from the shower's radiant point near
the border of Perseus and Cassiopeia. A
shower's radiant is the perspective point
where the meteors would all appear to
come from if you could see them
approaching in the far distance. In fact we
see them only in the last second or two as
they streak into Earth's upper atmosphere,
and this can happen anywhere in your sky.