Alternative Learning Technologies is an approved Institute for NLP Trainings by the
American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Alternative Learning Technologies  is also approved by the Time Line TherapyTM
Association as a Time Line TherapyTM Institute and by the American Board of
Hypnotherapy as an Institute of Hypnotherapy.

For information and schedules of Certification Trainings of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM
and Hypnotherapy Trainings,  contact
Veronica G. Hartman at 615-355-4983.

“Time Line TherapyTM is a registered trademark of Tad James and is exclusively licensed to
The Time Line TherapyTM Association.     

Moon & Sun information including observation planning tools
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in relationship to the
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looking for a place to
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This print "Mother Earth" is the work of
Rico Fonseca, artist of Greenwich
Village.  It is used with the express
permission of Patricia Fonseca.  It may
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