Date:2.25.2000 09:15:12 AM CST

Hi Veronica,

I had to let you know that the unbelievable has
happened!  You said that I would be getting married
soon, and guess what, I am!

I was sure that it would not happen anytime soon, if
ever after my recent divorce!  I did not think that I
would ever put any stock in astrology, but you have
made a believer out of me!
Larry F.
Subj:  We Sold Our Home!
Date: 8/15/2008 12:12:03 AM CDT

Hi Veronica!

Your insights rang true, we sold our home three
days after we had our reading and two weeks after
we got a smaller version of our home with lots of
perks, great price too.

Also someone came into our home and asked if we
had Feng Shui done?  Only me, but got a
recommendation for a Reiki master teacher for the
20th, so all is well.

A suggestion, maybe you could ask for validations
after your readings to get attention on what you
do for clients!!!

Thanks for your support and insights again.

Blessings & love
Danietta S.
Feng Shui
Date: 7/18/2008 5:20:02 PM CDT


No words can express my deep gratitude
for what you've done!

I brought the charts to Josh, he has not felt
like opening his eyes as he is not feeling
well.  However today he walled up the
charts and read them! He could tell his
mom the numbers on the charts! You see
the chemo gave him Chemo brain and he
has not been able to even identify a

I have been reminding him to imagine
healing and all the healings that were
coming his way.  He told me he has been
able to feel it coming to him.
Carol G.

You said in my last consultation that I
would win an award on 6/10/90 for the
highest sales in my district and I did!  I
am also being promoted as a result!

Thanks for the headsup!  Astrology
Denise R.
Subj: Oh My Goodness!

Good Afternoon Veronica!

I had to let you know that
your insights about me
having a grandbaby on the
way rang true!  My son
thought that my
surprise had to do
with the news, but it
was really that you
were right on the
money!  I will
definitely be in

May L.
Subj:  House Sold!


Guess what?  The house sold on
the day you said that it would!  I
would have never believed it!  
Thanks for your assistance in
helping me to be patient!

Jim  M.
What clients say. . . . . . .

Date: 4/15/91  4:39:02 CDT


We are getting married!  You said that
we would, even though at the time of
my consultation, we were broke up!  We
would be honored if you would do us
the honor of joining our lives in the
Tammy and Robert S.
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Date: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 1:59 pm

Veronica, I don’t even know the words to express how amazed I was with the solar return you did.  You have
always been great with what you have chosen to do although there is such a large positive growth in all levels
from a year ago, I was blown away. It helps me to know that there is no limit to the possibilities ahead just by
watching what you have been able to achieve. I feel like I have had the pieces of my puzzle although the box cover
was missing so I had little to no idea what it looked liked and the solar return gave me the picture. I got it does not
even come close to expressing it. Thank you so much and I am so thankful to have you in my life!  Many blessings
to you.
Good Morning Veronica:

Thank you for your "Cosmic Insights".  I still enjoy reading them and
what you have been doing.  You are very good at it.  This is not a pat on
the back, but simply a confirmation of what you already know.

I am well and still in Nashville.  Everything you taught me I use on daily
basis; I tweak it, improve it in ways that are aligned with me.  Thank you
for teaching the
Moon Cycle.  This is the best 'tool' you gave me.  Thank
you for introducing me to astrology. May infinite prosperity in all forms
flow your way forever, live your life your way...Enjoy this Mercury Retro.
-Iwona D