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Astrological Consultations
Consultations designed to empower the seeker to make informed choices through the
dynamics of planetary energy.


Natal Chart - Blueprint or map of energy of birth that characterizes personality, life purpose, relationships,
opportunities, challenges, spiritual path, etc.

Secondary Progressions - Natal chart progressed to current date, time and location and is indicative of inner
development and growth.

Solar Arc Progressions - Natal chart progressed by the movement of the sun to current date, time and location
which is indicative of external events.

Solar Returns - The "birthday" consultation based on the return of the sun to its natal position which is predictive
of events and circumstances in the current birthday year.

Lunar Returns - Monthly consultations based on the return of the moon to its natal position indicating the
emotional weather forecast for a monthly cycle through the phases.

Electional Charts - "Timing is Everything" especially when you use astrology to elect the best time to start a
business, get married, buy a house or anything else under the sun!

Relationship Comparison - Use synastry to compare two or more charts to determine how each one relates to
the other!  Discover what makes each tick or tock and whether the two of you can make time together!

Davison Compatibility - A relationship of combined energies or synergy of energy of two or more people.  
Discover the astrological dynamics of your relationship before the commitment!

Composites - A "where we meet in the middle" relationship consultation or how to experience win/win relationship

New Moon Consultations - Utilization of a new moon cycle in relationship to a specific intent which is  correlated
to the birth chart to create a personal desired reality!

Astro Minutes To GO! - For those times when you only need a few minutes or don't have the time to make an
appointment!  Consultation fees are $2 per minute for telephone consultations only, with an approved debit or
credit card.

Consultations are by appointment either by telephone or recorded on CD's and mailed. Recorded consultations can also
be emailed for quicker and immediate service!  Chart services include emailed charts for $5 or mailed for $10.   
Veronica Hartman to schedule an appointment at 615-355-4983.

Astrology classes and workshops are available.  Contact Veronica for a current schedule of classes.

Awareness through Astrology accepts credit cards, money orders and cashier checks as  forms of payment for services
Consultation Increments