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A Leap of Faith

On March 4th, the Moon passes the Sun in a first quarter phase with the emotional message, to conquer time and space limitations regarding daily activities.  Meanwhile the Sun is seeking outer expressions of real inner-worth.  The planetary dynamics of the first quarter phase is suggestive of taking actions based on emotions without knowing the outcome, otherwise known as a leap of faith.

Rainbow Consciousness

Rainbow Consciousness

This lunar leap of faith comes during the balsamic solar cycle which is the natural cycle of the Earth to renew it self through rest and regeneration.  Even so, there are signs that something is going on in anticipation of the Spring!  The forsythia is budding, tulips are pushing up through the ground as if to say, it’s almost here!   Encouraged by the signs I noticed in the past few days, I was ready to start with the vegetable garden I am planting again this year.  However,  with the recent snow in the Southern region of the United States, the obvious message was that the ground was frozen and too hard to be worked.

Yet with snow still on the ground, my determined son took a shovel and began turning the garden over to start the process of nourishing the soil for the coming harvest.  So much for the projected limitation I had about it being too hard!  I have to admit that there was a childish excitement of seeing the earth being broken up, waiting for the opportunity to be of service and manifestation!  I could already see the red tomatoes ripening on the vine, orange carrots peeking deep from within the ground, rolling hills of yellow squash, green beans waiting to be picked, blueberry jam in the cabinets and purple eggplant giving its life for my favorite casserole!  With those images in mind, I pondered what was lying dormant deep within that was waiting to be manifested in my life?  What self imposed limitations had I unconsciously projected on myself that needed to be broken through?  In the midst of my musings, it occurred to me to plant a rainbow garden of consciousness along with the vegetables!

In anticipation of the coming harvest, I was reminded of a story from my early Sunday School classes about a World Teacher that fed the masses with five loaves of bread and two fish, which inspired me to consider what seeds of consciousness can I choose that will nourish the Garden of my Life?

Garden of Life

Garden of Eternal Life

The first seed that came to mind was to cultivate faith, that I can change my life by changing my thoughts.  Gratitude, for the realization that I am responsible for making those changes is another one that presented itself.  Followed by compassion, for myself and others who are doing the best they can with the resources they have. Joy, that I have the opportunity to create my life with conscious awareness.  Integrity of actions and words that builds and strengthens the foundation of character. Commitment to the enlightenment of my total Being and peace within and without.  Last but not least, is the surrender of my ego to the will of a Higher Power within.

A couple of days later the seed thought,  “remember, you are both the  gardener and the garden” (1) was firmly planted in my mind as fertilizer for the harvest of the current solar year. The contemplation of that idea brought forth the awareness, that while growing a vegetable garden will provide nourishment for my family, cultivating a garden of consciousness will nourish my Life!

Mars will conjunct Chiron during this phase on March 5 opening a doorway to a new cycle to heal issues of separation from the Source through taking actions with faith!  I invite you to take a leap of faith and consider what seeds of consciousness are waiting for you to plant that will yield you a rainbow of blessings!
(1)  Harris, Herbert  The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, P.105


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