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Life Changes Upon the Horizon

The celestial week of June 29, 2009, begins under a first quarter phase as the Moon in Libra expresses emotions regarding home and family through the values of Venus in Taurus. Meanwhile the Sun sits quietly behind the scenes in Cancer contemplating his emotional needs.  The dynamics of the first quarter phase is one of taking action and in cardinal signs, takes it quickly! The message being that changes regarding relationship matters are on the horizon!  The lunar cycle is one of changes which is initiated at the new phase, changed at the first quarter, illuminated at the full and responded to at the third quarter.  When the Sun is in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) emotional energy (the Moon) either feeds the purpose of life or sucks the life from it.  The Sabian Symbol of the Moon and the Sun during this first quarter suggests that it is timely to leave the security and comfort of what is familiar behind¹ and seek one’s purpose through emulating higher forms.²

Uranus goes retrograde during this phase at 27 degrees of Pisces offering an opportunity to reevaluate one’s ability to change the quality of life, through the awareness and power of the unconscious mind to break free from victim states of consciousness propelled by unconscious emotions.  Venus in Taurus forms three-first quarter squares to Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter all in Aquarius respectfully, suggesting that it is time to take actions based on values to breaks free from wounds of separation, unconscious programming of family conditioning and unconscious limiting beliefs that sabotages future expansive opportunities.  Mercury in Gemini also forms a first quarter square to Uranus indicating an opportunity to take actions based on conscious information and unconscious emotional values leading to unexpected changes.

1st Qtr Lunar Phase

To sum it up nicely, there are multiple first quarter squares during this phase in cardinal, fixed and mutable signs, indicating that changes are at hand!  They begin quickly in relationship to home and family, shift to changes related to self-values, financial resources and opportunities of freedom; ending with a change in emotional and mental attitudes!

¹  Hill, Lynda and Richard. The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, P. 82

²  Hill, Lynda and Richard. The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, P. 52


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