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Astrology Classes & Workshops

Learn Astrology From the Convenience of  Home!

The year of 2021 promises to be a year of shifting energies!  Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius opens the door to learn astrology as a means to shift your consciousness or utilize it as a vocation!

Awareness through Astrology is offering a series of astrology classes during 2021 that has the potential to assist you in creating a greater reality for yourself through timing that is inherent in astrology, as well as create a stream of income for yourself through doing it for others!

If you have considered astrology as a vocation, this is the year to start that process! The first astrology class being offered in the series is the basic class that outlines the building blocks of astrology to create a solid foundation of information, in a very simple fashion. You will learn the basic principles in relationship to planets, signs, houses and aspects! Using your personal chart, you will learn how to understand the dynamics of your personal birth potential and how to use it to create a desired reality! Planetary Phase, Intermediate and Advanced Classes are also available! Whether you consider yourself to be a beginner, advanced or somewhere in between, Awareness through Astrology has classes for you!

The classes are offered through CD’s, Power Point Presentations and a Blog. There are five classes and you begin when you are ready and complete them at your pace!

Contact Veronica at 615-355-4983 or vghart2@cs.com to register for classes!

Planetary Phase Classes!

Awareness through Astrology is offering Planetary Phases classes through email!  The classes are designed to gain understanding of lunar and planetary phases and how to utilize that understanding in manifesting reality!

Veronica has been teaching these classes since 1996 when she first began studying with Robert “Buz” Myers who created the original “On Time” material.  Buz has since made his transition to a higher council in the sky, yet his work was and is timeless.  It is my sincere commitment to honor  the significant work that Buz began by continuing to offer the planetary phase classes.  I feel very humble to do so.  Please contact Veronica at 615-355-4983 or vghart2@cs.com for information on the Planetary Phase classes.


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