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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Illumination

Leo/Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

Leo/Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurred on February 9, 09 at 8:50AM as the Sun in Aquarius shone its light through the lens of humanity, across from the Moon in the heart of the Lion.  This moment illuminates a six month window for humanity to wake up and remember that true wealth is within and available for all, when we collectively decide that we live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The wonder of this planet affirms that every moment, we are surrounded by abundance.  All you have to do is look up, there are countless stars in the sky or look down at the endless grains of sand on a beach, or in front to see miles of earth to explore.  Standing in the midst of unlimited abundance, I have to ponder, if there is a natural abundance in trees, stars, grains of sand on the beach, isn’t the same principle of abundance in humanity, and isn’t humanity an amazing resource in itself?

Yet an illusion called an “economic crisis” continues to be perpetuated through the collective consciousness. Mercury is in Capricorn so a message about resources from the government is obvious, Saturn is in Virgo, reinforcing the message that on a mundane level that  there isn’t enough to go around. Still, could it also be that the message of Saturn in Virgo is demonstrating that these circumstances have been created, collectively through thoughts.

It is a Universal Law of cause and effect, that by continuing to feed energy through the mental actions of complaining, worrying or expounding on dire straits, we create the result of those thoughts.   The laws of the Universe then vibrationally compounds the interest of those thoughts, which then creates a very real experience of lost jobs, homes, and dreams.  Perhaps the underlying lesson of Saturn in Virgo now and Mercury in Capricorn is that this is a significant opportunity to take responsibility for those thoughts, because the same Universal Laws supports the manifestation of abundance and prosperity.  All you have to do is look up, down and around to know that this is true.

It is amazing how the collective consciousness of humanity can unconsciously decide to create a collective event to get a collective lesson. And what is that lesson? Perhaps it is to remember that faith is the only true structure that stands the test of time and that gratitude for what we have produces more of what we have!

Many years ago, our ancestors wanted the freedom to create their reality so much that they risked everything for it.  They sailed an ocean to an unknown land, knowing the values of hard work, simple pleasures and the amazing power of gratitude. Gratitude for the rain that would nourish the crops, gratitude for a vaccine that would help children stay strong and healthy, gratitude that neighbors would rebuild barns that had burnt down and gratitude for the opportunity to live in a country where freedom reigns.

Today, in the spirit of my ancestors and in response to the outpouring of spins regarding the  economic crisis, I am grateful that when I hear or see the word crisis, I consciously qualify it with Create Resources Intuitively, Seek  Imaginative Solutions!  Another one that I reframe is the word faith, with Find Answers In The Heart, courtesy of an NLP student a couple of years ago.    Word games perhaps, but when my external reality shifts in relationship to my mind shifting, then my faith is anchored in the Power that gave me the power of my mind, to change anything through the conscious awareness that I can!

The alignment of the planets at the lunar eclipse illuminates the potential of an alternate reality, through making conscious choices instead of following the herd; which takes the courage and actions of Mars to put it into motion.  Mars is in Aquarius and suggests taking action through intuitive processes.  The alignment between Saturn in Virgo and Neptune in Aquarius calls for adjustments in our thinking processes.  Will we collectively continue to perceive that we are limited in our lives and in doing so, manifest those very limitations?  Or, will we collectively decide to dissolve those perceived limitations into unlimited possibilities?

Uranus, the planet of enlightenment is traveling through the collective unconscious now, symbolizing an opportunity to wake up to the reality that we individually and collectively create reality. Similar to the hundredth monkey phenomenon which refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly “critical mass” point is reached.

It would seem that humanity is now at critical mass point of waking up to another reality called Enlightenment, and in Light of that, this “economic crisis” is a blessing!


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