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Balsamic Lunar Phase

Release and Let Go . . . .

The celestial energy of February 20, 2009 begins under a balsamic lunar phase with the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Pisces, opening a window of opportunity to release and let go of emotional attachments to the outcomes or intentions of the waning new moon cycle. The energy of the moon is suggestive of a need for protection and self control regarding emotions in relationship to the home environment, while the Sun is indicative of being able to withstand life’s storms.   In other words, this too will pass. Pisces energy is symbolic of two fish going in opposite directions, one being that of Christ Consciousness and the other of victimization. The question now is which one are you choosing? On the positive end of the spectrum, it comes down to belief and the negative suggests disbelief, the choice is yours. There is a distinct opportunity during this balsamic phase to let go of the illusions of anything less than living in an abundant reality and to simply choose to live from a place of faith. What is faith? Different schools of thought consider it to be a belief that something is present but unable to be seen with the eye of perception. Thus, there is something to be said for the choice of “you will see it when you believe it” or “you will believe it when you see it.” Which will serve a greater purpose for humanity now?

There are four planets currently in the sign of Aquarius symbolizing humanity, while the Sun in Pisces suggests that we are all One. Can you imagine how the current state of world affairs would change in one month if everyone on the planet, said what the heck, lets just unite with a belief in abundance, prosperity and peace? The natural laws of the Universe suggest that, that result would occur  so why is humanity currently experiencing the apparent conditions? Could it be that it is because that collectively we have chosen to learn the lessons of creating through the power of the mind? Saturn is currently retrograde in the sign of Virgo, presupposing that very possibility. So, now with the awareness of free will, what will be the collective choice, will we free ourselves from our own limitations or continue down the path of self destruction? The choice once again is ours, individually and collectively. During this balsamic phase, there is an opportunity to let go of unconsciously resisting the possibilities of experiencing heaven on earth or to continue along the path of least resistance and get what we get!

Mercury comes out of the shadow on February 21, giving a green light to move forward on projects that have been moving slowly since December 26, 08. On February 24th, Mercury will join Jupiter in Aquarius opening a new door of commiunication and connections through intuitive awareness. If you want to expand your reality, it is time to think out of the box and create innovative solutions through advanced technology!


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