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Mars had just entered its home territory of Aries! Although the Spring Equinox occurred March 21 and is the official start date of the solar year, it has limped along because Mars has been in Pisces. Now that Mars has entered into Aries, the provides a catalyst to kick start the new solar year! It is now time to take action on the dreams of the new year, especially in relationship to career! The caveat with Mars in Aries lies in the choice to take actions either in an assertive manner or an aggressive in-your-face way. Aries is fired up and ready to go and often goes without thinking of the destination or the consequences related to actions taken hastily. Speaking of consequences, bucking authorities such as the boss will not gain any points, it will more than likely earn walking papers! On the other hand, showing initiation and being willing to take responsibility for putting plans into action will earn a place at the head of the line! The next six weeks in loaded with opportunities to create your own business and be the CEO in charge instead of working for someone’s dreams. Venus follows Mars into Aries on April 24 just prior to the new moon in Taurus. All it takes is the courage to step up the plate and take responsibility to be a leader that creates the desire to experience a greater quality of life.

The moon is void of course at the time that Mars enters Aries which is commonly known among astrologers that, “nothing comes of the matter”. However, my personal experience of void moons is that they are spiritual in nature and it is important to have no emotional attachment to the outcome of how your desires are met.

Last but not least, Venus and Mars enters into Aries during the balsamic lunar phase with the message to let go of the past and victim behaviors that stop you from actualizing your dreams into reality!


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