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The Dance of Relating

The full phase occurs on July 7th with the Sun in emotional Cancer at sixteen degrees while the Moon is at sixteen degrees in realistic earthy Capricorn illuminating the cooperation that is needed to balance emotional and financial security/insecurity issues. A full phase is an opportunity to negotiate solutions with a win/win attitude, which sets the stage for new beginnings initiated at the next new moon/solar eclipse in Cancer. Perhaps a trip down memory lane would prove to be helpful now in preparation for the solar eclipse on July 21. So for a moment, allow yourself to drift back to the summer of 1990 when the last solar eclipse occurred at 29 degrees of Cancer. What have you learned since then in relationship to taking care of yourself, family values and financial security? Now is the time to begin the emotional process of letting go of the emotional baggage of the past nineteen years, so you can advantage of the new creative beginnings available at the solar eclipse. The keynote of this lunar eclipse is to pay attention to the emotional messages that are coming through loud and clear through the process of relating with others.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse


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