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Aries New Moon

The cosmic week of March 27, 2009 begins under a new moon in Aries!  Aries energy is impulsive, impetuous and pioneering as the ram often rushes in where angels fear to tread!  Mercury and Venus are also in Aries lending their energies to the new cycle so there may be a tendency to speak without thinking or making decisions without enough information.  Mars is treading in the emotional waters of Pisces so actions may be diluted until mid April.  Mars rules the current new moon cycle and when it is in a water sign, there is a tendency to take passive aggressive actions.  The higher vibration of Mars in Pisces is through the doorway of spirituality and forgiveness.  As four planets are currently in the sign of Aries moving their energy, through Mars, it would be wise to consider the consequences of taking actions that are deceptive or elusive in nature.  Those same four planets are also helpful in changing old behaviors, releasing addictions and manifesting reality through spirituality.


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