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It’s that time of year when the magic of Spring permeates the environment of the Northern Hemisphere!  Flowers burst into color, as the song of birds fills the air, encouraging the interaction of life!  Upon rising with the Sun this morning,  I was greeted by the sight of three deer grazing on an abundant carpet of green clover.  They frolicked in the early morning light with carefree abandon, while brilliant red cardinals flitted from tree limb to tree limb amid a brisk breeze.

While the antics of the deer and the birds stirred me to participate in the awakening of Spring, my Soul called me to “just be” in the glory of it, to soak up the warmth of the Sun and the peace of nature.  My mind did its best to remind me, that there is work to be done, while my heart gracefully ignored it.  I knew that it was much more important to contemplate the flourishing magic in the wondrous Kingdom in which I live, with an attitude of gratitude and wonder.

There is a natural flow of energy now as the planets overhead reinforce the activities below.  The Sun is currently traveling through Aries, pushing us to move forward quickly, while Venus, Mercury and the Moon are all in the sign of Taurus; reminding us all to stop and smell the roses, in the midst of daily routines along the path of life.

Life has taught me that success is measured by the quality of life, experienced through investing time to listen to the heart of the child within, with carefree abandonment.    It has also taught me that tasks will be completed, agendas will be fulfilled and the things I remember from my life experiences are the things I did and shared from the heart.

Thus, the message I received from nature today is, enjoy the promise of Spring, while savoring the beauty of it in the process!


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