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A Turning Point in Consciousness

The Sun enters the constellation of Cancer on June 21, 2009 announcing the arrival of Summer in the northern hemisphere! It is on this day that the Sun reaches its highest point of elevation in the sky proclaiming the arrival of the Summer Solstice. The word solstice means ” sun standing still” before it begins its descent, symbolizing that it is a time to pause and determine a course of action, based on the information gathered during the previous forty-five days during the crescent solar phase (known as Beltane); in relationship to the seeds planted at the Spring Equinox. From the perspective of the solar cycle this is the first quarter phase and a turning point in one’s consciousness to breaks away from what is familiar to seek an individual course of action. The actions taken during during the phase are based on emotions without knowing the outcome or a leap of faith. The Sun is positioned in the portion of the sky assigned to the home environment suggesting that matters related to emotional security, home and family as well are being highlighted in relationship to career matters. The Ascendant (meaning on the horizon) for the chart is in Pisces, the same sign that it was in the at the Spring Equinox and Beltane indicating that more of the same is on the horizon for the next forty-five days. The energy of Pisces is qualified as either being spiritual in nature or victimization. Therefore it would seem that humanity is at a turning point in its consciousness, to view the landscape of reality through the lens of Christ consciousness or from a fear based orientation. The gift of living in a conscious Universe is that however you choose to perceive your reality is how you will experience it.

A Turning Point in Consciousness

A Turning Point in Consciousness

The current cosmic horizon offers potential seeds of hope, opportunities of peace, enlightenment, and a new direction based on responsible thoughts, among others. The harvest of the seeds is dependent upon the personal and the collective qualification of those seeds. This is the turning point in the cycle when the choices that are made can lead to changes in life, which is often unfamiliar. Yet without change there is no movement, only a continuation of standing still on the path of life.

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