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Rose Garden of Consciousness

The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20, 2009 announcing the arrival of Spring!  With the arrival, comes the anticipation of planting new seeds of growth for the coming year.  Prior to the arrival, the seeds are chosen, consciously or unconsciously.

2009 Spring Equinox
Spring Equinox

Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness

The cosmic climate of the current year presupposes potential seeds of hope, opportunities of peace, enlightenment, and a new direction based on responsible thoughts, among others.  The harvest of the seeds is dependent upon the personal and the collective qualification of those seeds.

In February of 1995,  I attended a class with Robert “Buz” Myers on Treasure Mapping which has proven invaluable to me over the years in manifesting my goals.  I worked with tangible goals up until last year, when I decided to plant a rose garden that would symbolize cosmic consciousness.

Rose Garden of Consciousness
Rose Garden of Consciousness

Using my natal astrology chart as a guide to enhance the quality of my Life,  I choose twelve specific attitudes of consciousness and planted twelve rose bushes with a practical, tangible intention for each one.

For example, I chose the attitude of receptivity for Libra and the rose, “Promise” for the rose garden.  Another one was an attitude of integrity with the practical intention of demonstrating personal powerful leadership in my Life, symbolized by the rose, “John F. Kennedy”.  Alas,  knowing nothing about growing roses, they did not survive.   Nor, have all of the practical intentions manifested as of yet.  However, the twelve chosen attitudes of consciousness have flourished beyond my wildest expectations, enhancing the quality of my Life greatly!

From February 3 – March 20, the earth is preparing to renew itself in new life, as humanity follows suit.  Therefore, I encourage you to take a personal inventory of the current quality of your Life, and make some conscious choices about what you have the opportunity to manifest this year!

Now is the time of year to be considering what the goals of 2009 are as well as the beliefs, emotions, actions and thoughts that are necessary for their achievement.

There will be a “Treasure Mapping” class on March 14, 2009 to assist you in manifesting your desires into reality during 2009!!  Using your  natal chart, visual images of goals and conscious statements of awareness, a collage of your desires will be created as a point of focus for the solar year! Contact Veronica for registration details at 615-355-4983 or vghart2@cs.com.

Blessings for the new solar year that is upon the horizon!


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