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Blessed Beltane


Beltane occurs on May 5 opening a  forty-five day window to gather information regarding the required resources to sustain the seeds of intention planted at the recent Spring Equinox. Think of the information as fertilizer, do you want BS or a product of quality that will encourage the financial growth of hopes, wishes and dreams? The lunar energy shifts into the gibbous phase on the same day as the Moon slips into relationship oriented Libra while the Sun continues to reside in earthy Taurus. Both are ruled by Venus who is in aggressive/assertive Aries indicating that the wobble point of this phase may come through unreasonable demands and/or agendas behind the scenes. The emotional energy of the Moon may do its best to use charm through communication, but Mars and Venus see right through it, so being prepared to compromise will cut through the chase!

Mercury goes retrograde on May 6th opening a period of three weeks to review projects begun in the past three months. Now is a great time to rewrite, reorganize, and reconsider any and all information pertaining to financial security. Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini at 2 degrees but will retrograde back to the 23rd degree of Taurus.


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