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Mercury Retrograde or Divine Intervention?

Taking the Presidental Oath

Taking the Presidental Oath

President Obama was initially sworn in on January 20, 2009 at precisely12:05pm with the moon void of course in Scorpio at 29 degrees.  The general consensus of a void moon is that, ‘nothing comes of the matter’.  However, as an astrologer, that has not been my experience.  In my twenty plus years as an astrologer, I have seen void moons in the charts of verdicts returned in criminal cases that resulted in incarcerations, marriages ending, and Presidents not being impeached.  I have also seen those same incarcerations and marriages produce spiritual transformations and children of Light!  My personal experience is that void moon times are of a spiritual nature utilized for internal contemplation, meditation and/or ceremonies that have no attachment to outcomes, and an indication that Divine Intervention is at hand.

The astrology chart of the initial oath also had Mercury retrograde in Aquarius which is notorious for miscommunication,  that often is reviewed and redone.  I have a slightly different spin on the meaning of Mercury retrograde, which carries the potential of the ” renewal  of consciousness”  where it is occurring in the cosmos and subsequently in the chart.

Second Go-Around

Second Go-Around

The astrology chart of the second oath taken was on January 21, 09 at 7:35pm and the differences between the two are noteworthy.  The moon had moved into the sign of Sagittarius, the melting pot of the Zodiac and Mercury had retrograded from Aquarius the sign of innovative ideas, back into the sign of Capricorn the messenger of the Government.

The message that I received intuitively, was not the obvious Mercury retrograde assumption that something connected to communication would have to be done again, rather that political consciousness would go through a renewal and that Divine Intervention was at hand to seal the potential of the void moon in the first oath; which is the emotional and spiritual transformation of the people of the United States into the melting pot of the World where all people are equal and free, and that Light has come not only to the White House but the World!



1. Betty Beck - January 27, 2009

Thanks, V, for clearing all the “swearing in” and “redoing” stuff up. What a great explanation.

2. Donna Cunningham - February 8, 2009

I like your take on the Void of Course Moon, Veronica, and I’m hoping that is the theme of the Obama presidency. Lovely tone and graphics to your blog. Congratulations! Donna Cunningham

3. Rebecca - February 11, 2009

Thanks for creating a blog, Veronica!

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