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A journey starts with a single step . . . . .

A journey starts with a single step . . . . .

The cosmic week of April 3, 2009 begins under a first quarter lunar phase which occurred on April 2 presenting an opportunity to take a leap of faith and extend oneself to others through an open and willing attitude.  A pressure cooker energy is building in regards to emotional security and stepping out with actions to manifest hopes, wishes and dreams. A yod formation between the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn turns up the volume to take responsibility for the thoughts and messages that one qualifies their reality with, while Mars illuminates the actions and consequences that come forth when that responsibility is denied and/or accepted.

Spring has sprung, but with Mars in Pisces it seems like Spring is limping along rather than moving forward faster than a speeding bullet!  However,  a subtle and profound opportunity exists to become consciously aware of the emotions that have been unconsciously programmed as knee jerk reactions, when personal security is threatened.   In light of quantum physics, a new belief system can be experienced through Jupiter in Aquarius as  a journey into the unknown, which is really the future as an accumulation of the past.  When I look at this yod*, the movie the Wizard of Oz comes to mind, someone who wants to run away from what is familiar only to find themselves wanting to go back to it once it is gone,  and when given that opportunity realizes that in the end all that was really needed was a change in perception!

* A yod is a configuration of three planets symbolizing  a stressful situation with an opportunity.


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