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Buddha Full Moon

Buddha in Sky

This full moon is highly significant as it marks the annual celebration of Wesak which marks the high-point in the spiritual year, for it is said that at this time each year, Buddha returns to the physical plane for a brief moment, bringing an inflow of life and spiritual stimulation to vitalize all of humanity.The Moon will be at nineteen degrees of Scorpio opposing the Sun at nineteen degrees of Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is suggestive of transmitting information or knowledge regarding hopes, wishes and dreams. The Sun’s position shines its Light on enormous potentially emerging through creativity. Venus and Mars are both in Aries ready to move forward with impulsive actions, while Mercury is retrograde in Taurus delivering the message that there may not be enough available information to move forward on.

Buddha Full Moon

Buddha Full Moon

Yes, once again, there is a push/pull energy in the sky that is mirrored on earth as a feeling of driving with the brakes on. Certainly, not an easy way to arrive at one’s destination. What if, everyone just decided to stop for a few moments when the moon becomes full at 11:02PM CDT to take a deep breath of Life, exhaling all of the drama, emotions, and thoughts that have filled the air waves since October of 2008? Is it possible that for a few moments, the world would be at peace? This full moon is the mirror of the lunar eclipse that occurred November 8, 2003 heralded as the Harmonic Concordance and is a reminder of that amazing moment when the Star of David was formed in the sky. The Harmonic Concordance symbolized the possibility of Ascension through transformation of our stuff and the opportunity to choose to live a life of quality. This full moon is an opportunity to take personal inventory of values and what gives meaning to life for the whole of humanity. There is a world prayer that sums it up nicely called The Great Invocation by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul. From a personal perspective, Life is precious, it goes by quickly so take the time to smell the roses while they are in bloom.


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