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USA – 1st Pluto Return! February 21, 2022

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USA – 1st Pluto Return in 248 Years!

Today is a momentous cosmic occasion for the United States of America! Pluto the planet of transformation has returned to the placement it held for the signing of The Declaration of Independence! The return will occur three times in 2022 when it retrogrades back to this degree of Pluto in July and again in December.

What does this mean? Pluto is the planet that symbolizes transformation and is positioned in the sign of Capricorn, which suggests the transformation of government, honor, integrity, authority, respect, and responsibility. The caveat is that We the people of the United States as One symbolizes the entity of the United States, not the government of the United States.

Thus, this is an opportunity to transform the Nation of the United States by transforming ourselves first so that we the people are acting with integrity, honor, authority, respect, and responsibility for this Nation under God with Justice for all. Only as we stand together with this momentum can we expect the government to change in relation to the change within us.

This is the first Pluto return which occurs at 1:53:59 pm in Washington, DC. For myself as a proud citizen of the USA, I will stand, salute the flag, and recite the pledge of allegiance to the USA with the awareness that I can change the direction of my country with a specific intention of transformation and gratitude for the freedom I live, love, and experience in my life.




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