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Cosmic Insights – March 14, 2022 March 13, 2022

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of March 14, 2022, begins with the Sun rising in spiritual Pisces, illuminating an opportunity to adapt and co-habit with like-minded others with an inspired vision and appropriate values and boundaries to create a community based on mutual hopes, wishes, and dreams for the highest good of all.

Jupiter, the daily ruler of Pisces is also moving quickly through the undercurrents of Pisces with a huge opportunity to expand the vision with renewed energy and inspiration.  Whereas, Neptune, the transcendental planetary ruler of Pisces, can bring the community together by giving a voice to Spirit.  

The caveat is that while the planetary trio seems to speak to one leader bringing like-minded souls together with a common vision, Mercury the planetary spokesperson is also swimming through Pisces with a call to awaken all to the action of dissolving the premise that there is separation from God within and communicate directly to Spirit to experience Oneness and avoid internal confusion by unconsciously giving power to one individual.

Meanwhile, the Moon is striding through proud Leo with a creative call to action to experience the power of leadership with an open heart, without the need to receive the glory of attention in the process.  Therein, lies the rub!  Before sunrise, the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Leo engaged in a gibbous lunar phase with inherent wobble energy that can get off track with distractions instead of staying focused on the desired outcome.  Thus, during this gibbous phase, the Moon in Leo is being asked to step back from the spotlight of the emotional ego for the higher spiritual purpose of the Sun in Pisces.  Not an easy task for the Moon in Leo!

However, just as Earth has no life as humanity knows and experiences it with the power of the Sun, the emotional ego has no life without a purpose.  Yet, as the Moon in Leo currently aspires to a higher creative purpose now, that calling is mirrored through Venus, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius as a reflection of a value and desire for a greater quality of life and freedom for all humanity with a heartfelt emotion that brings individuals together as one through artistic means of song lyrics, music, poetry, and books that heal the mind, body, and soul.  Thus, the key is to pay attention to what your emotional energy and feelings are calling you to do from your heart, and do it!

One minute before midnight on March 15, the Moon moves quickly into earthy Virgo with an emotional desire to get busy and work on the creative vision of Pisces, so symbolic information may come through dreams, symbols, and psychic impressions about the direction to take during the next couple of days.  The caveat is that Mercury, the CEO of Virgo is drifting through Pisces with the information that the Moon in Virgo may tend to dismiss without the facts and data to back it up.  The key is to go with the flow, even though it may not make sense at the moment.  Allowing the information to come through without censoring it will keep it flowing as a catalyst for the Moon to focus it into creation as a work of art!

The lunar climate shifts in the early hours of March 18, as the full lunar phase occurs between the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, so dreams may reveal what has been hidden or confusing about emotions and feelings.  Shortly before the Sun rises, the Moon dances into airy Libra with a desire to share feelings or dreams with significant others or friends for insights about the meaning.  Regardless, the door of relating opens throughout the weekend to communicate with others about plans, careers, relationships, hopes, wishes, and dreams of the future!  

Although, there may be some abrupt disconnections in relating on the morning of March 19, as Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus square off about any control agendas, as freedom in relationships is paramount now.

Last but not least, on the morning of March 20, the Sun moves into action-oriented Aries announcing the Spring Equinox with a desire to plant new intentions for the coming solar year from the seeds that have been chosen during the last forty-five days!

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