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Cosmic Insights – August 8, 2022 August 8, 2022

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Cosmic Insights – August 8, 2022

By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of August 8, 2022, begins with the Sun rising up through the golden and crimson rays of majestic Leo, illuminating an opportunity to experience the warmth of renewal as the recent storms have dissipated and cleared the air of built-up energy, symbolizing that the worst is over, situations are resolved, and recovery begins.

Leo energy is qualified as the king or queen of the skies since the Sun is the source of light and energy that sustains the habitat of planet earth and humanity.  As such, the power of the Sun is also the basis of the law of attraction, and thus the vibration that individuals emit from their consciousness, and consciously or unconsciously attracts what is positive or negative within oneself.  

As the Sun in Leo is currently interacting favorably with Chiron in Aries, there is also an opportunity to shine a light on emotional wounds of abandonment or rejection with gratitude for the experiences that enhanced the ability to come out the other side with self-love and healing.

Meanwhile, the Moon is traveling through Sagittarius at warp speed towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy with a huge opportunity to project one’s emotional vision that is being transmitted from the soul upon to and give form to material manifestation.  The caveat is that the potential of the emerging masterpiece may be overshadowed by unconscious values relative to self-worth and may be resistant to motivating actions, as both the Moon in Sagittarius and Venus in Cancer engaged with Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius in yod configurations.  The key is to realize that you are the vessel that is being utilized by the Creator, instead of being the creator.  The other consideration is that the Moon is void-of-course until later in the afternoon, so it is wise to have no attachments to how and when the creation unfolds and manifests.

Later, the Moon shakes off the emotional optimism and philosophical attitudes of Sagittarius to enter the boardroom of Capricorn with a serious demeanor relative to success, financial resources, and business relationships.  Even though Saturn the CEO of Capricorn is retrograde and currently taking a back seat at the table, it will step in to take the reins from Uranus in Taurus who is temporarily at the helm with innovative concepts about the technology of future plans.  More than likely, Saturn has stepped back to consider new ideas and concepts, yet may not sign off on them until mid-October when it begins to move forward.

Minutes after midnight on August 9, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn so compromises and negotiations are on the breakfast table pertaining to career opportunities and family relationships; which may in turn highlight challenges relative to personal hopes, wishes, and dreams that may have to go on the back burner until Jupiter goes direct in late November.  

On the afternoon of August 10, the Moon streaks into lightening quick Aquarius communicating an emotionally detached attitude with abrupt departures and/or unresponsive to emails, texts, and phone calls.  The key is to refrain from taking it personally now if others or yourself are currently unavailable, as personal downtime is needed to deflect the current energy building to a crescendo under the gibbous lunar phase before the full moon occurs.

Just before the workday begins on August 11, the Sun in Leo squares off with Uranus in Taurus, illuminating a need to lighten up, relax, and spend time with like-minded individuals instead of focusing creative energy on financial plans and opportunities.  Thus, challenges may occur with others who are invested in moving forward with intended plans, if a temporary disappearing act by authorities creates delays.

Shortly after lunch, Venus leaves nurturing Cancer as it saunters into Leo with a dazzling gold charisma as it strolls in to conquer the world stage of acceptance and applause, sweeping others off their feet in its wake!  Romance, children, and creativity are also highlighted during the next few weeks.  The key is to seek the heart of gold instead of the glitter that tarnishes over time.

Later in the evening, the full lunar phase occurs as the Moon in cool detached Aquarius opposes the fiery Sun in Leo illuminating the cooperation required to balance the need for attention that Leo craves with the emotional space that Aquarius needs to feel free.  The caveat is that Uranus in Taurus feels like it is in the middle of the negotiations and is more likely to favor the needs of the Moon in Aquarius to vacate the premises for a few days until cooler heads prevail.

On the afternoon of August 12, the Moon drifts off into emotional daydreams as an escape from the recent heightened energy of the emotional drama trauma spilling out from under the full moon.  Fortunately, the work week is coming to an end, so the weekend will be a great time to rest, relax, and recover with laid-back music, water activities, meditation, hypnosis, and/or artistic pursuits.

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