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Cosmic Insights – October 31, 2022 October 30, 2022

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of October 31, 2022, begins on a potentially spooky note as the Sun rises in secretive Scorpio illuminating the darkness carried within the soul, so that subconscious damage relative to the shadow within which impacts difficulties regarding finances, health, stress, and relationships; so that the dark night of the soul can be transformed.

Interesting that Halloween has come to represent scary movies and figures of horror skulking in the night, and that dressing up in costumes should be rewarded with treats, instead of realizing that it is actually a day of sacredness as it is the eve before All Saints Day is celebrated.  However, it is also an opportune time to allow the undesirable traits of human behavior to die through the act of forgiveness of self and others as a means of releasing the soul of the unnecessary burdens of guilt and fear.  

It is also considered to be the time of year when the veil is the thinnest between the earth plane and the spirit world, so reaching out to others who have transitioned is as easy as calling on them to make the connection.  The connection may come through dreams, memories, a feeling, and/or an unexpected reminder to remember that they are still present on some level.  

Mars, the daily ruler of Scorpio has just retrograded in Gemini with a conscious message to revel in the calm before the dawn as a dormant period is at hand to reinforce the roots of consciousness with positive self-talk and the power of thoughts in preparation for the new growth coming in the Spring of 2023.  Just as a gardener turns over the soil to be aerated exposing what is buried underneath, subconscious emotions are surfacing to receive the information related to the events that occurred so the emotions can be reevaluated for the necessary actions to release them.

As all things occur at the appropriate time, Mercury the CEO of Gemini has just slipped into the subconscious realms of Scorpio with a profound message that the time has arrived to align the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious aspects of consciousness with the cooperation to work together and facilitate the transformation of internal conflicts and incongruencies with love and trust for oneself, leading to wholeness.  

Meanwhile, the Moon is void-of-course in Capricorn until mid-morning so the effort put into business matters may not produce the intended results, until mid-morning when the Moon moves into erratic Aquarius.  At that time, unpredictable emotional reactions may be triggered by authoritative changes regarding financial resources, relationships, hopes, wishes, and dreams. 

However, Aquarius energy is not prone to taking direction with anyone who suggests that restrictions and limitations are on the horizon that affects their personal individuality or freedom; so there may be initial resistance that will not be communicated until plans have been made to work around what is being proposed.  As the Moon in Aquarius is subject to being emotionally detached, it will be very useful as the Moon is likely to encounter challenges about self-values, finances, personal power, and relationships during the next couple of days.  

As well, the current crescent lunar phase suggests that gathering information quietly now to harness the power of the recent solar eclipse in Scorpio will be an asset to further personal projects, plans, and intentions before taking premature actions from a knee-jerk position.

The emotional climate settles down on the afternoon of November 2, as the Moon drifts into elusive Pisces suggesting that a time out from emotional stress is available to relax with artistic creativity, music, hypnosis, and dreaming reality into existence!  So unplugging from electronic devices for a couple of days (they may be on the fritz anyway as Mars is retrograde in Gemini), and instead picking up a pen, paintbrush, or musical instrument may provide inspiration from the depths of the soul.

On the early evening of November 4, the Moon runs quickly into Aries with a fired-up determination to take impulsive actions to manifest hopes, wishes, and dreams!  However, Mars the CEO of Gemini is backing up with a message for the Moon to cool its heels until mid-January of 2023 when a change of direction is required to move forward.  Yet, Mercury the planetary agent of communication and ideas is an advantageous relationship with Mars in Gemini, so progress can be made with the caveat that the actions taken may not produce the desired results until the Spring of 2023.  

Otherwise, attitude adjustments and challenges may be on the emotional menu if the Moon in Aries does not heed or respect the boundaries of others regarding personal desires, communication, self-values, resources, relationships, and power. So a word to the wise, spending quality alone time may be just what is needed now to receive clarity about personal desires without having to compromise them because of the agendas of others.

Veronica is a professional astrologer certified by the NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance, Master Hypnotherapist and Instructor certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the American Board of NLP, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM certified by the Time Line TherapyTM Association, Reiki Master of the Usui Sei Chem Tibetan lineage, and an Ordained Minister by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

To make appointments regarding personal cosmic insights on what 2022 holds for you, personal empowerment sessions using the tools of hypnosis, Time Line TherapyTM, and NLP to create the quality of life you deserve and desire, astrology classes and workshops, Reiki training, energy healing sessions, Certification training’s and workshops in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line TherapyTM, or wedding officiant services, contact Veronica at 615-355-4983 and/or vghart2@cs.com.

For additional information on these services, visit www.awarenessthroughastrology.com, www.alternativelearningtechnologies.com, and/or www.rainbowsofenlightenment.com.

NOTE: Rainbows of Enlightenment is under construction.

DISCLAIMER: The astrological information shared in this post does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, whatsoever.


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