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Cosmic Insights – November 28, 2022 November 28, 2022

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of November 28, 2022, begins with the Sun rising in opportunistic Sagittarius illuminating a kaleidoscope of opportunities with a focused intention to hit the target of the recent new moon cycle of opportunities!  

However, there is also an opportunity to find love in oneself for oneself, before seeking it in another.  The caveat is that Jupiter the king of Sagittarius has just begun moving forward in Pisces to actualize opportunities and may become temporarily emotionally blinded by the illusion of love instead of reality.  The key is to maintain the focus on the vision of the intention with the faith that Spirit will handle the details of the manifestation.

Meanwhile, the Moon is flying through the icy winds of Aquarius with an emotional message to rise above the distortions of reality as an observer of it and to consciously choose the transformation of ascension over the illusions of what reality appears to be.  After all, everything in your life is happening in reality because it is happening in your consciousness, so an opportunity is available to emotionally and consciously choose the highest possible good with faith in a higher power within to handle the details.

For the most part, the Moon in Aquarius sails through the day with favorable conditions and outcomes until the early evening hours when it encounters Uranus retrograde in Taurus in a challenging interaction over the cost of pursuing hopes, wishes, and dreams with no guarantee of long-term financial success.  Afterward, the Moon in Aquarius resumes an emotional detachment around relationships, communication, and pretty much everything else with a “whatever, it is what it is,” attitude.

On the afternoon of November 29, a potential confrontation occurs relative to self-values and financial resources as Mercury in Sagittarius opposed Mars retrograde in Gemini.  While Mercury in Sag may be inclined to spend more than the budget allows with credit cards, Mars retrograde in Gemini is acutely aware of the long-term consequences of buying now and paying later.  The key is to initiate communication regarding the value of going into debt to satisfy an extravagant shopping expedition, and a strategy that satisfies both desires without breaking the bank or dampening holiday spirits.

Later, the emotional landscape shifts subtly as the Moon drifts into elusive Pisces in the evening.  Initially, it is likely the calm before the emotional storm erupts under the first quarter lunar phase with the Sun in Sagittarius occurs on the morning of November 30.  The challenges begin with the illusion that everyone is on the same page regarding opportunities that may have a huge potential risk involved, yet also a high yield of results relative to the investment of energy and resources.  The caveat is that the first quarter lunar phase is indicative of taking actions based on emotions without knowing the outcome, hence the challenges setting up during the next few days.

Thus, the Moon in Pisces will likely be actively involved in setting disputes or keeping the peace between Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, as well as Mars retrograde in Gemini before the day ends with an opposition between Venus and Mars, as holiday plans with family may play havoc with actions regarding career responsibilities.  The key is to be open to plans changing without notice with an attitude of flexibility and a backup plan.  The weather may also become a big factor in unpredictable changes that you just have to roll with!

The potential for continued dissension is possible through the evening of December 1, when Mercury in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune retrograde in Pisces over beliefs and philosophies with spiritual concepts without concrete evidence.  More than likely, Mercury in Sag, the broad-minded thinker is just stirring the pot of communication to see what reactions can be revealed, so engaging to convince Mercury of what it does not believe, but may be willing to entertain may be fruitless and exasperating, to say the least!

By this time, the Moon in Pisces is aligning with Jupiter in Pisces and is ready to let everyone come to their individual understanding, as it takes a break from the emotional challenges of the week to indulge in an escapism of meditation, artistic endeavors, hypnotic trance, or some early Christmas spirits of spiked eggnog, wine, or something smooth over the rocks!

Before the day ends, the Moon changes the emotional course of direction as it moves quickly into fiery Aries with a much-needed break from the emotional challenges of the recent few days.  While the recent challenges are diminishing, the fallout is still present, yet the Moon in Aries is not inclined to keep the peace or babysit adults, so everyone is on their own to figure out how to get along together in peace!

Mars, the ruler of Aries is also retrograde in Gemini, so taking action now to resolve differences may not be forthcoming with the awareness that now is a better time to let sleeping dogs lie!  Instead, this weekend would be a great time to take some personal “me” time away from the preparation and shopping activities of the upcoming holidays to recharge personal batteries and energy, instead of becoming prematurely exhausted by them!

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