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Cosmic Insights – January 30, 2023 January 29, 2023

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of January 30, 2023, begins with the Sun rising up through the crystallized rays of airy Aquarius, illuminating an opportunity to breathe in the essence of Spirit as a realization of inspiration and welling creative power to actualize a greater quality of life.  

Saturn the daily CEO of Aquarius energy is also positioned in intuitive Aquarius with an opportunity to test the roadworthiness of the earthy vehicle to travel through the conditions of life with a mechanical attitude of checks and balances to maintain the emotional engine so that life functions smoothly. 

Whereas, Uranus the evolutionary mentor of Aquarius is moving through values-conscious Taurus with a chance to integrate self-values in the context of relating which has the power to heal the spiritual relationship with oneself and thereby restore peace within through the position of Venus and Neptune in Pisces.  The key is to forgive oneself and others for dwelling in a state of unconscious victimization and the illusion of abandonment.

Meanwhile, the Moon is moving through conscious Gemini with an emotional message to take some downtime and enjoy the rewards of self-confidence and authority that have been developed and achieved.

Mars in Gemini also stands nearby the Moon with another message to take action with mental control relative to situations that may be heading for a potential nose-dive disaster.  Thus, the right action now is to become conscious of what you are doing, instead of plunging into experiences without consideration of the consequences.

Whereas, Mercury the planetary messenger is quietly moving through authoritative Capricorn with a stern reminder that unconscious or unresolved mental attitudes may be propelling the actions in search of one’s personal identity.  The caveat is that Jupiter is racing through impulsive Aries and may be inclined to jump head-first into action without checking if there is a safety net to break the fall!

Therefore, during the next couple of days, it is significant to stop and consider the long-term ramifications of actively communicating messages through impetus attitudes, while assertively maintaining personal boundaries.

The emotional climate shifts significantly on the afternoon of February 1, as the Moon wades into the emotionally sensitive pond of Cancer.  With the shift, there is an opportunity to heal unconscious emotions relative to nurturing and caring for oneself as the perceived ideal mother would.  While the universal mother persona is often idealized, the reality of the motherhood/childhood experience is unique in itself to everyone. 

Some children and mothers need a lot of attention, while some need the emotional space to grow and thrive.  When their individual needs are incompatible, then an incongruent relationship for both may become the result, until each one takes personal responsibility for their individual needs and desires.  Thus, adults have a powerful opportunity to cut the apron strings of codependent relating and fly on their own!  Therefore, the gift of the Moon in Cancer is that every month there is a two-and-a-half-day window to mother ourselves with unconditional love.

As the Moon’s entry into Cancer occurs during the gibbous lunar phase, there may be a tendency to wobble off the path of self-care and independence, as an unconscious feeling of abandonment floats through one’s awareness to be released, instead of wearing it as a badge of self-victimization; resulting in personal freedom and emotional peace.

Activities to facilitate the healing process of peace lies in music, art, meditation, prayer, and/or self-hypnosis.  So, picking up a pen, paintbrush, potters wheel, musical instrument, and any other tools to create a vision of nurturing and caring now will assist in creating a supportive and loving emotional foundation to plant desired seeds in fertile soil.

On the evening of February 3, the Sun reaches the fifteenth degree of Aquarius announcing a shift in the yearly solar cycle begun at the recent Spring Equinox of 2022. This shift is known as the balsamic phase of the cycle, and the most significant phase, as it is the time of letting go of the past intentions of the year and choosing the new seeds of intention for 2023.

In the planting cycle, this is when the remaining crops are pulled up and the field is tilled for the new spring planting season. Seed catalogs arrive and plans are being considered to insure a healthy and bountiful crop that will support an entire season of thriving. It works the same way with planting seeds of intention to manifest a crop of hopes, wishes, and dreams!

The caveat is that the seeds are being chosen consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, if there are unconscious seeds chosen, the manifested crop may have a sense, of where did this come from?

The key to recognizing unconscious seeds lies in paying attention to what is going on in external conditions that are undesired, and reframing or replacing them with desired seeds. In short, it is time to weed the mental garden and then till the soil with positive feelings of desire and visual images of those desires to nurture and fertilize hopes, wishes, and dreams into reality!

Shortly after, the Sun in Aquarius challenges Uranus in Taurus illuminating where you are on the path of evolutionary enlightenment or rebellious revolution, through the interactions of relating with others.  Both Aquarius and Taurus are indicative of stubborn resistance to the will of one another, so the challenge lies between shining one’s light and the self-values that either move the process forward into the light; or step back into the darkness of self-defeating behaviors.  Thus, the challenge is a catalyst of transformation into an unknown future or remaining stuck in the values of the past.

As this occurs on the heels of the balsamic solar phase, it can provide valuable intuitive insight about what needs to be released in preparation for the new incoming solar cycle at the Spring Equinox, which is the beginning of the new harvest cycle of 2023!

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