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Cosmic Insights – March 6, 2023 March 5, 2023

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of March 6, 2023, begins with the Sun rising in empathic Pisces illuminating an opportunity to receive creative inspiration from a higher power to know oneself as a soul by merging mental impressions with clarity, vision, and direction, courtesy of Jupiter the daily ruler of Pisces and the fixed star Sirrah residing at fourteen degrees of Aries!

Whereas, Mars the CEO of Aries and director of behaviors is moving through mental Gemini with a message to celebrate the warmth and providence of the earth, as Mercury floats through oceanic Pisces with faith and a positive end in sight can experience a spiritual awakening of the presence of Spirit within.

Yet, Neptune the transcendental ruler of Pisces has the final word and suggestion that it is time to release people and ideals that hold you back from achieving spiritual goals.

Meanwhile, the Moon is moving steadily through realistic Virgo with an ability to sense subtle phenomena in the environment, without giving it a voice.  As the Moon in Virgo can easily articulate its feelings with clarity, there is an opportunity to stop wobbling of the path of expression under the gibbous lunar phase and tell it like it is without analyzing the effect it will have on others.  

However, it is important to give others the time and space to process the exchange of emotional information as it will lead to an illumination at the full moon phase on March 7, about the direction needed to balance conscious emotional information received through feelings with unconscious emotions emerging for acknowledgement and integration without becoming overwhelmed. 

In short, use sensory clues to know when others or yourself is becoming saturated with too much information to process, or allow the time needed that is required to receive the illuminating epiphanies that will facilitate a cohesive understanding.

An hour after the full moon occurs as the Sun in Pisces opposes the Moon in Virgo, Saturn leaves airy intuitive Aquarius for thirty years as it floats away into watery emotional Pisces with an opportunity to harness unconscious emotions to build a spiritual foundation of faith, leading to enlightenment.

Thus, during the next two and a half years, artistic energy is fueled by creative inspiration received in meditations, dreams, and induced states of hypnosis, and then expressed in music, painting, writing, pottery, and/or forms of creativity!

The caveat is that Saturn is the planet of discipline, career success, plans, goals, and foundation building, whereas Pisces is the artistic dreamer and visionary that creates without a plan, goals, or destination in mind.  Saturn in Pisces is can also lead to addictions, depression, states of victimization related to abandonment, loneliness, rejection, sadness, guilt, and/or shame. 

The key lies in recognizing the negative states and or addictive behaviors that may be masking unconscious emotional issues.  Yet, the nature of Pisces is elusive so identifying underlying emotional problems may be hidden from view from the person who has them.  Thus, it is important to be our brother’s keeper to bring it into their awareness, when it is appropriate and then be able to let it go, as the responsibility of making changes belongs to the individual, not others.

On the morning of March 8, the Moon glides into airy Libra with an emotional desire to relate to others romantically, connect with children and/or engage with others socially, as an outlet to express emotional feelings.  

As Venus, the queen of Libra is moving through impetuous Aries, so it may feel like  you are waking up to emotional fireworks that can’t be contained as one emotion ignites another quickly in succession!  The key is to communicate the value of emotions without getting singed in the process in the next couple of days!

In the evening hours of March 10, the Moon slithers into potentially dangerous Scorpio, so if you don’t want to get emotionally bit, tread lightly!  Yet, there is also an opportunity to transform powerful negative emotions that may subconsciously sabotage self-values, relationships and/or resources with conscious awareness of alternative choices available to change self-defeating behaviors through communication.

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