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Cosmic Insights – July 19, 2021 July 18, 2021

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of July 19, 2021, begins with the Sun rising in nurturing Cancer, illuminating an opportunity to experience the awesome power of one’s emotional energy to create the desired reality of life, through a focused utilization of feelings to nurture a seed of intention with positive caring thoughts and actions.  

However, Cancer energy is also indicative of the home and family experiences of childhood, and whether you lived in a thriving environment or one of survival. Regardless,  to make the most of the current energy, it is important to nurture yourself with positive thoughts and feelings to build a foundation of caring and internal security for yourself, as emotional security lies within.

Fortunately, the Moon is continuing a journey back through childhood memories reflecting the need to learn from the emotional past, so that feelings of insecurity can be processed and released to experience a peaceful existence in life.

Shortly after the workday begins, challenges may come up with others as Mercury in Cancer and Chiron in Aries may challenge one another, or take information expressed through authorities personally, and react with a knee-jerk reflex regarding career directions or protocols.  

Later in the afternoon, the Moon ventures into optimistic Sagittarius as it flies over an ocean of unconscious emotions churning up turbulent waves of feelings about the need for emotional freedom.  Sagittarius energy is full of buoyant life and enthusiasm for the next adventure of life, so it may feel like cold water is being thrown on the freedom of new opportunities to take off for new horizons if travel plans are inhibited by public fears or concerns.  The key is to trust one’s gut feelings instead of buying into the projections of the media or the opinions of others, and go for it!

In the early evening hours of July 21, the Moon begins its monthly pilgrimage up the emotional mountain of Capricorn, with a business-like review of emotional feelings about personal desires and values.  The Moon’s initial planetary interaction is with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, which bodes well through communication even though it may take longer than usual for plans to materialize.  

Shortly after, Venus heads into hard-working Virgo for a three-week review of financial goals and obligations.  Venus in Virgo is governed by Mercury who is currently residing in the comfort of home-loving Cancer, so financial investments and debts may be influenced by emotional feelings.  The good news is that the Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo is up to the task at hand with down-to-earth, common-sense financial planning with logical reason grounded in practically and analysis.  So the next three weeks are a great time to get a financial check-up and your ducks in a row regarding financial security.

Just before the workday begins on July 22, Venus in Virgo opposes Jupiter in Pisces with a no-nonsense attitude adjustment about financial spending with significant others who may be oblivious to the current strategy about conserving financial resources instead of spending them without agreements.

Soon after, the Sun moves into charismatic Leo, who heard the conversation about reining in the spending but is tempted by the glitz and glamour of new shiny trinkets, so be prepared to be disarmed with charm or the fallout and drama trauma that is sure to follow!  The positive note of the Sun moving through Leo is that it shines the brightest on everything now, so step out of the shadow of the ego with a heartfelt connection of love and gratitude for the gift of life, and watch the Universe conspire with you to fulfill your dreams easily and effortlessly!  Leo embodies the gift of gold that we all have access to, yet it is up to each individual to qualify what gold means to them before they can find it at the end of the rainbow!  

On the evening of July 23, all emotional bets are off as the Moon bumps into erratic Aquarius, feeling the need for some personal emotional space away from anyone that needs their attention.   Shortly after, the full moon occurs as the Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius, illuminating and reinforcing the emotional cooperation needed to establish the harmony of relating.  It might even be a great idea to spend the evening with friends instead of significant others for an emotional breath of fresh air! 

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