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Cosmic Insights – July 26, 2021 July 25, 2021

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of July 26, 2021, begins with the Sun rising in majestic Leo, illuminating an opportunity to be proud of oneself for accomplishing the purpose of life, as a means to shine their individual light.  The Sun in Leo expresses its energy more powerfully in Leo than any other constellation with a natural ability to stand tall in the environment as it commands attention just by its presence.    As a symbolic metaphor for each individual during the next twenty-six days, there is an opportunity to shine your light without any judgment, just because you are alive!  Now consider the power that you will experience within yourself if you do that?  You will light up your world from within, and attract the quality of light that you are shining!  Leo’s energy is also charismatic, generous, warm, entertaining, and loving when it gets up on the right side of the bed.  Yet when it gets up on the wrong side, it can be arrogant, demanding,  emotionally unavailable, and cold.  Thus, the key is to adjust your attitude regularly as needed, or you receive back what you give out, good, bad, or indifferent.

Meanwhile, the Moon is moving through the unconscious emotional depths of Pisces and may seek to rid itself of uncomfortable memories or feelings by subconsciously giving them to others through the lens of projection.  While that may work at times, The Moon in Pisces is opposing Venus in Virgo who is not currently accepting the unsolicited feelings of others, so if you are looking for a shoulder to cry on, you will likely experience a feeling of rejection.  Not that Venus in Virgo is intent on hurting anyone’s feelings, it is just busy right now taking care of physical and mental health, financial resources, and the daily demands of work activities.  So don’t take it personally, just own it and let it go with forgiveness, so you can be at peace.

Shortly before the day ends on July 27, Mercury moves boldly into Leo with all of the pomp and circumstance it is known for, as it makes a dramatic announcement about creativity, romance, and one’s life purpose, and whether it is satisfied or dissatisfied with the current status quo.  The key is to utilize the feedback received from others as a mirror of where you are currently, and where you want to be.  Then go for it!  Otherwise, the only one holding you back is you!  There may also be a strong temptation to seek attention from others during the next three weeks, so speak from the heart and you will light up your life and the lives of others.  The other choice is to demand attention from others through communication, resulting in a potential unnecessary drama-trauma!

A quick change of pace occurs on July 28, as the Moon races impulsively into Aries only to discover that Mars the CEO of Aries has reached the last degree of Leo, so it is not in a hurry to pony up with the desires of the Moon.  Instead, Mars has already decided to take the rest of the day off, so a lot of emotional feelings can be invested in pursuing desires and opportunities without any actions to follow through.  Not easily dissuaded, the Moon has no problem with moving forward on its own.  However, the Moon in Aries does have the opportunity to gain the support of the Sun and Mercury in Leo to assist in obtaining its emotional desires!

Shortly after, Jupiter retrogrades back into intuitive Aquarius to reconsider the hopes, wishes, and dreams that were pursued this year, and what needs to be changed for the manifestation of them before the year ends.  Paying attention to intuitive ideas for insights pertaining to those changes will be the information needed to yield big dividends when Jupiter goes direct on October 17, 2021.

On July 29, Mars in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius over boundary violations regarding creative interests, romance, and children, that may result in potential confrontations which can clear the air to move forward either together or separately.

Later in the afternoon, Mars moves into methodical Virgo with an active desire to pursue opportunities with a clear mental focus to clean out frivolous expenditures that don’t make the most of time, effort, or resources.  It is also a great time to clear out physical clutter, make needed repairs, and begin a physical health routine.

On July 30, the Moon moves slowly into calm and gentle Taurus, offering an emotional respite from the turmoil of the past couple of days, at least for the rest of the evening.  So take advantage of some emotional downtime to enjoy a savory meal, glass of wine, fading sunset, or just a quiet evening at home for a much-needed interlude of peace before the emotional storm clouds gather on July 31!

Veronica is a professional astrologer certified by the NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance, Master Hypnotherapist and Instructor certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the American Board of NLP, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM certified by the Time Line TherapyTM Association, Reiki Master of the Usui Sei Chem Tibetan lineage, and an Ordained Minister by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

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