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Cosmic Insights – November 1, 2021 November 1, 2021

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of November 1, 2021, begins with the Sun rising in tempestuous Scorpio illuminating an opportunity to renew bonds with those of shared struggles as a means to release the past through forgiveness.  

Mars, the daily ruler of Scorpio’s behaviors is also moving through Scorpio behind the scenes unconsciously reviving and thereby reliving the emotional trauma of the past without resolutions.  However, Mars is a planet of action that is either fueled by anger and then demonstrates aggressive and reactionary behaviors as a defense against further transgression of boundaries or has the courage the face the internal fear that is attracting those transgressions and deal with it head-on.  As a wise teacher once shared, feel the fear, and do it anyway!

Once the decision has been made to address internal emotional conflicts and is followed by a powerful action, Pluto the transcendental ruler of Scorpio steps in with powerful and transformational techniques and strategies to eliminate limiting decisions and negative emotions that have the power to subconsciously sabotage a desired quality of life.

Meanwhile, the Moon is traveling through conscious-minded oriented Virgo with emotional support to assist the power of transformation until the Sun in Scorpio encounters Chiron in Aries over boundaries around financial matters that require a no-nonsense attitude adjustment about who is in control and who is not.  Temper tantrums fueled by impatient frustration will have no effect on the outcome, as Scorpio’s energy is determined to enforce the boundaries without wavering. 

By the time the matter is resolved, the Moon goes void of course after an emotionally challenging interaction with Venus in Sagittarius about the emotional support desired in relationships.  

Fortunately, the Moon glides into socially adept Libra just after sunset offering a brief respite to resolve relationship differences with a unique perspective that presupposes it is the responsibility of each person to take care of themselves emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially, which may add fuel to the simmering fire of resistance.  However, the benefit to everyone involved is the personal freedom to be in a relationship without expectations or agendas.

In the morning hours of November 2, Mercury in Libra engages in a challenging encounter with Pluto in Capricorn just before the sun comes up.  So the day may begin on a quarrelsome note, as Mercury in Libra delivers a compromising message about pursuing personal desires of freedom which presupposes a conflict with Pluto in Capricorn about responsibilities in the home environment. 

Later in the evening, Mercury in Libra comes out of the shadow of its recent retrograde cycle with clarity about the decisions necessary to bring balance to relationships with win/win solutions.

The emotional climate subtly shifts on the evening of November 3, as the Moon slips into mysterious Scorpio with tempting inuendos about passionate romantic interactions.  The key is to resist playing with seething volcanic emotions underneath the surface unless you are attracted to intense and passionate relationships of a soul nature that changes your life forever in a positive or negative way.  The intensity of the temptation is likened to fools rushing in where angels fear to tread!  The caveat is that Mars in Scorpio may refuse to heed the warnings, as a passionate desire to experience the heights of heaven or the depths of hell is calling!

To add to the current emotional intensity, a new moon cycle occurs on November 4, as the Sun and Moon unite in Scorpio with an intention to create one’s vision with a laser focus that refuses to give energy to anything else.  Therefore, relationships may have to accept that the current priority of the new moon cycle is to pursue personal desires instead of relating.

Fortunately, on November 5, Venus the planet of relating moves into authoritative Capricorn so the focus of relationships becomes about career goals and success.  Now Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio starts to work together to support the creative vision instead of going off in separate directions.

Shortly after the word day ends, Mercury joins the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Scorpio with powerful information that has the potential to transform the creative vision in progress.

Later in the evening, the Moon jumps in optimistic Sagittarius to nurture the vision of the new moon with emotional encouragement and innovative ideas that have a huge potential for financial success!

Last but not least just before midnight on November 6, the Sun enters into the disseminating phase of the current solar cycle, opening a forty-five-day window to embrace a creative integration of new ideals which has the potential to transform the shadows and/or the pain of the past through the sharing of traumatic experiences.  The key is that once the experiences are acknowledged, forgiven, and released, they no longer have the power to attract similar circumstances in life.

Veronica is a professional astrologer certified by the NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance, Master Hypnotherapist and Instructor certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the American Board of NLP, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM certified by the Time Line TherapyTM Association, Reiki Master of the Usui Sei Chem Tibetan lineage, and an Ordained Minister by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

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