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Cosmic Insights – November 8, 2021 November 8, 2021

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of November 8, 2021, begins with the Sun rising from the depths of emotionally subconscious Scorpio illuminating an opportunity of realization and feeling of powerful self-reliance to accomplish anything, by subconsciously studying internal unconscious energies with transformational techniques to create a desired quality of life!

However, Pluto the transcendental ruler of Scorpio is moving through authoritative Capricorn with a message to reassess one’s real attitudes and ideals about the responsibility of building a lasting foundation by setting individual standards to live by, instead of what has been passed down by ancestors and society.

Meanwhile, the Moon is busy climbing a mountain of feelings regarding self-values and the worthiness to succeed inherited from parents and childhood experiences, with a suggestion to become the authority of life through hypnotherapy and other transformational techniques.  

Otherwise, Chiron retrograde in Aries may be revisiting those experiences and triggering frustration and anger as a reaction, which only continues to recreate the experiences in similar contexts.  However, Chiron is considered the rainbow bridge between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, so there is an opportunity to shift the nature of personal reality by taking responsibility for continuing to carry the burdens of the past so that freedom from the past can be experienced instead of the emotional trauma that is attached to it.  As Mars is the ruler of Aries and is in determined subconscious Scorpio along with Mercury, negative emotions and limiting decisions will likely continue to resurface for resolution.

On the evening of November 9, the Moon streaks across the night sky into erratic Aquarius with emotional detachment concerning significant relationships, so others may feel like they are getting an emotional cold shoulder.  However, that is only true if it is perceived that way.  It is just that the current cosmic climate is so emotionally intense, that a break is needed to experience a breath of fresh air about relating right now.

That brief period of relief is highly needed as the Sun rises on November 10, when Mercury and Mars unite in Scorpio and unconsciously reflect what needs to be communicated about boundaries and the actions necessary to enforce them.  The caveat is that Scorpio energy is blunt, direct, and often harsh in its expression when boundaries have been crossed, so that will not be a tiptoe through the tulips exchange!  It may actually seem like you are in front of a one-person firing squad because you asked for it, so you might as well deal with it because others are done with it!

With that torrid exchange in the rearview mirror, a series of challenging conflicts occur mid-morning as the Moon in Aquarius squares off with Mercury and Mars in Scorpio over financial resources and self-values before it unites with Saturn in Aquarius shortly after with a determined mindset to defy the messages, ideas, and actions of Mercury and Mars! 

However, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio do not give up easily, they just set up a new dynamic with a one-two punch, as Mercury reframes the information to appeal to Saturn’s desire for success on the cutting edge of technology, and then shortly after the workday ends, Mars in Scorpio follows the lead of Mercury with powerful actions as a confident demonstration of leadership to respect the authority of Saturn, while continuing to pursue the desire to be true to oneself.  

In the wee hours of November 12, the Moon dives down into the ocean of emotion of unconscious feelings about daily work routines and health, that may precipitate dreams of a prophetic nature.  The caveat is that the information met be dismissed as unimportant by Jupiter the daily ruler of Pisces as it continues its visit through scientific Aquarius; only to resurface again in a victim context through Neptune in Pisces if ignored or unresolved.

In a nutshell, this is a powerful week to take responsibility for the quality of one’s life, and cut through the chase of the subconscious and unconscious negative emotions, limiting decisions, and thought patterns that sabotage the quality of that life.  Scorpio energy takes no prisoners, and when three personal planets dug in determined Scorpio, it’s all or nothing now!

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