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Cosmic Insights – January 17, 2022 January 16, 2022

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of January 17, 2022, begins with the Sun rising in reserved and serious Capricorn illuminating an opportunity to take a much-needed break from responsible commitments and briefly live in a world of its own to rejuvenate internal resources to complete the tasks that have been self-assigned. Fortunately, Saturn the CEO of Capricorn is traveling through eclectic Aquarius and has no issue with cutting to the chase to momentarily delegate tasks to others until he returns. 

Whereas, Uranus the transcendental ruler of Aquarius has slowed down to almost a standstill as it prepares to move forward in a few days in Taurus.  Taurus energy is similar to Capricorn as they both symbolize being grounded in practical, realistic, reasonable, and measurable means.  Capricorn is the energy of mountains that stand the test of time, whereas Taurus puts down roots in simple values that grow over time into solid life-giving resources.  

Thus, now is an opportune time to step back from the calling of the world to nurture one’s physical body and soul in preparation for the work that lies ahead to put down roots that will grow into prosperity and success during the next thirty and eighty-four years.

Venus, the planetary queen of Taurus is also moving backward through Capricorn with an opportunity to review what needs to be changed and shaped with the current times.  The key is to use the tried and true methods of the past to shape the values necessary to achieve the success of the hopes, wishes, and dreams of the future. So, now is a great time to step off the wheel of time and rest up for the shifting and unpredictable energy occurring when Uranus moves forward on January 18.

Meanwhile, the Moon is swimming upstream in the emotional river of Cancer with a wobbling effect as changing feelings about recent conversations in the work environment arise for understanding and resolution.  While the wobble may continue during the day, clarity comes from the unconscious later in the early evening as a full moon illuminates hidden agendas that lead to understanding, and an opportunity to let it go.

The emotional climate shifts dramatically afterward as the Moon saunters into blazing Leo before the day ends, with an opportunity to reflect on the blessings of life with heart-filled gratitude for missing a potential life-changing emotional bullet!  Which is also a catalyst to attract greater blessings!  There is also a brief window of time to utilize feelings to nurture creative inspirations, so take the opportunity to let your light shine and nurture the inner child with love that invites the world to connect with your unique individuality!

Just before the workday begins on January 18, Uranus begins to move forward slowly in Taurus with a desire to communicate and integrate a new set of self-values that will be of great value in handling the unpredictable changes on the horizon regarding relationships and resources.  The first indicator of impending changes will likely be through casual conversation that was not meant to be shared as of yet, as ideas are being floated about serious long-term commitments.  The caveat is that Mercury the planetary messenger is retrograde in erratic but brilliant Aquarius, so nothing is set in stone yet!  In fact, it will likely be February 24 before events occur in relation to the information being communicated now, and may very well have an unexpected twist that no one sees coming!

On the evening of January 19, the Sun shifts from responsible and cautious Capricorn to unpredictable, brilliant, and intuitive Aquarius with an opportunity to illuminate the direction of the next thirty days.  The key is to pay attention to those flashes of intuitive insights for information related to hopes, wishes, dreams, and friendships.  Saturn the daily ruler of Aquarius is also in Aquarius building onto the foundation of the future with innovative ideas that are ahead of time, and right on the money!  Whereas, Uranus the transcendental CEO of Aquarius is willing to get on board with financial investments if the ideas resonate with the unique quality of inventiveness that will stand the test of time of changing technology!  Think Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, and Albert Einstein!

On the morning of January 20, the Moon strides quickly into mentally adept Virgo with an emotional desire to get to the bottom of relationship issues with the missing pieces of the puzzle which are coming through intellectual insights.  The caveat is that Mercury the thinking cap of Virgo is treading backward through intuitive Aquarius, and may be more involved in contemplating abstract and original ideas instead of relating to others.  For the time being, it is probably a good idea to let sleeping dogs lie regarding relationships, as probing inquires may be met with icy detachment or ignored altogether!  The pieces will likely all come together once Venus goes direct in Capricorn on January 29, followed by Mercury in Capricorn on February 3!

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