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Cosmic Insights – January 24, 2022 January 23, 2022

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Photo Compliments of Scout Hartman and Dirt Road Artwork

By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of January 24, 2022, begins with the Sun rising in intuitive Aquarius, illuminating an opportunity to receive inner knowledge from a council of ancestors offering guidance about the future.  Saturn, the daily CEO of Aquarius and the keeper of the past is also positioned in Aquarius reinforcing the opportunity to trust the intuitive information being received without the need to distinguish the source of it.  Uranus, the transcendental ruler of Aquarius is moving through Taurus emphasizing that the opportunity is providing what is needed to nurture and fertilize creativity.  Whereas, Venus the goddess of relating, and Taurus is retrograde in Capricorn and currently working harmoniously with Uranus suggests that the value of the information is to observe what is around you and translate it so that others may benefit from it.

Meanwhile, the Moon is dancing through gracious Libra on a wing and a prayer with the spontaneous innocence of a child awaiting the opportunity to receive revelations and channeled information from the unconscious realms of dreams, meditation, and hypnosis without discounting the significant value of its meaning.

On another note, just before sunrise Mars traveled into business-oriented and authoritative Capricorn with a committed desire to pursue career ambitions with the powerful actions of a CEO during the next few weeks.

Just before the day ends, the Moon slips into deep and mysterious Scorpio with an opportunity to transform subconscious negative emotions and limiting decisions through communication, which opens doors to manifesting creativity and the financial resources to support it.  The caveat is that those powerful feelings can also destroy creation if they are allowed to be unleashed in a state of vengeance or retaliation of perceived injustice.

On the evening of January 24, Mercury retrogrades back into Capricorn to reconsider communication recently received about hopes, wishes, dreams, creativity, romance, and children through the lens of traditional values and commitments.  The key is to receive the information without taking action until February 3, when Mercury begins to move forward in Capricorn.

In the early hours of January 27, the lunar climate shifts significantly as the Moon journeys into optimistic Sagittarius with an emotional desire to take a much-needed break for a road trip into the unknown!  However, Jupiter the king of Sagittarius is floating through oceanic Pisces with an unconscious feeling that it may be better to postpone travel for the time being, as unpredictable weather and/or circumstances may impact plans in a big way!

On the evening of January 28, Mercury and Pluto unite at 27 degrees of Capricorn with a powerful opportunity to receive and integrate information and messages designed to ascend one’s consciousness.  The key is to make a note of what occurs on this day, as it will resurface again when Mercury goes direct and moves back over the same degree on February 10, 2022.

In the wee hours of January 29, Venus begins to move forward in Capricorn with the green light to move forward on career plans and projects that have been held up since December 19, 2021.  However, the retrograde cycle of Venus does not complete itself until March 1, 2022, when Venus moves out of the shadow.   At that time, there will be a greater degree of clarity about the agendas that have been playing out in relationships and career matters since November 17, 2021.

Shortly after, the Moon moves into responsible Capricorn with an emotional desire to climb the mountain of feelings that have been building up in the last thirty days to release them without any attachment.  This is occurring during the balsamic phase of the Capricorn new moon cycle so it is easier than usual.

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