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Cosmic Insights – June 13, 2022 June 13, 2022

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of June 13, 2022, begins with the Sun rising in communicative Gemini, illuminating an opportunity to integrate Spirit, soul, and body, leading to being able to fly on one’s own in good time.  

Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini is finishing up a lengthy visit in values-conscious Taurus with a message to examine unconscious values regarding relating and resources with the awareness of whether the playing field of connections has yielded equal opportunities or contributed to unyielding and unfair perceptions of others that will only return the same back to the sender.  

The underlying and not so obvious value of Mercury’s position at 29 degrees of Taurus symbolizes the marriage of minds at the unconscious level, so nothing is hidden from the awareness of others, along with the opportunity to master the value of integrating the unconscious, conscious, and higher consciousness to experience a greater quality of life experiences through personal conscious creation aligned with an intention for the highest good of all.

While Venus, the planetary goddess of Taurus engaged with Uranus at seventeen degrees of Taurus on June 11, with an opportunity to choose between the battle of “might vs light” in the endeavor to bring enlightenment to those who are resistant to it.  Fortunately, Venus has now traveled to nineteen degrees of Taurus with an enormous potentially emerging for evolutionary progress for the birth of a spiritual nation versus a material one.

Meanwhile, the Moon is riding a wave of emotional energy about whether to jump on the bandwagon of shifting beliefs and conservative values, as new responses to life are coming from deep within the mind and soul, or stay on the tried and true path of least resistance and get left behind on the trail of innovative evolution.

Later in the morning, Mercury travels back into quick-thinking Gemini to open a window of opportunity to receive clarity regarding dual and mixed messages shared during the recent Mercury retrograde cycle, that have potential adverse influences pertaining to career goals and ambitions.  However, it isn’t over until it’s over, so more will be revealed by June 18th for resolution.

The emotional climate settles down on the evening of June 14, as the Moon dons the responsible cloak of Capricorn to carefully consider the values of integrity, honor, and respect regarding business affairs and career interests.  Saturn, the CEO of Capricorn has just recently begun to backtrack through erratic Aquarius with the awareness about choices made with an unpredictable knee-jerk reaction that may incur regret or repercussions.  However, Uranus in Taurus has the last word regarding Aquarian energy, and as it moves through Taurus it may be slow to forgive transgressions and will likely never forget them.  Thus, irreparable harm may be the undoing and breaking point in valued relationships.

In the early hours of June 15, Venus and the North Node unite in Taurus with a valuable opportunity for new beginnings in relationships with similar values.  The key is to take the time required and to determine the essential qualities of relating and disregard the rest.  It is very similar to receiving a gift that is wrapped beautifully, and knowing that the real value is what is inside the package.

Shortly after the work day begins, Mars and Chiron unite in Aries at sixteen degrees with an opportunity to have faith that if you ask for assistance, you will surely receive it.  It is also an opportunity to release personal wounds of abandonment and/or feelings of rejection with the awareness that you are connected to a Higher Power that has never, nor will ever abandon you.  No more, than nature itself has ever been abandoned or left on its own to survive.  On the contrary, nature thrives in all of its glory because it is created and supported by Spirit.  

On the morning of June 16, challenges may arise from unconscious emotions that conflict with mentally scattered thoughts, creating a subconscious turbulent internal environment.  The key is to identify the core issue between them and then allow the higher vibrations of peace, love, gratitude, and faith to dissolve the lower vibrations of negative self-talk, doubt, and lack.

Later in the afternoon, the Moon flies out of responsible Capricorn into eclectic Aquarius for some well-deserved emotional space and relief!  Therefore, the weekend is calling for fun, friends, and wide-open spaces!

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