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Cosmic Insights – June 20, 2022 June 20, 2022

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of June 20, 2022, begins with the Sun rising in airy, dualistic Gemini at twenty-nine degrees, illuminating an opportunity to consciously master the quality of thoughts that creates personal reality, and whether you look beyond superficial appearances to discover the beauty of your mind, and that of others.  The inherent nature of Gemini is that it is dualistic and that it often changes the course of thought as quickly as changing a radio station for the desired song instead of the one that is playing.  Thus, undesired thoughts can also be changed, once you become conscious of the potential consequences that they can attract.

Mercury, the planetary agent of thoughts is also traveling forward over the mental ground that has already been covered since May 10, 2022.  However, now there is a greater awareness and clarity of what was being communicated then, as evidence of those thoughts is manifesting.  Another consideration about the recent Mercury retrograde in Gemini is that Mars will begin its retrograde cycle on September 3, so ideas that are being considered for implementation now may preview a reverse cycle that will continue through March 15, 2023, when the Mars retrograde cycle ends.

Therefore, the key to moving through the rest of the year without experiencing reverse decisions is to pay careful attention now to the message you are receiving now about the direction you are going in before the summer ends, as the remainder of the year is being highlighted now.  Another consideration is to avoid unconsciously jumping on the train of accepting information as factual from others and/or the news as being true for you.  However, it is a fruitful time to consciously create your personal reality and experiences from clear thoughts, emotions, and desires, instead of following or becoming one of the herd.

Meanwhile, the Moon is floating on the oceanic currents of Pisces and may be content to unconsciously ride the waves of emotional illusions instead of seeking information to reveal them.  Therefore, it will be tempting to drift through the day and miss a great opportunity to use emotions to create unlimited potential through imagination, art, hypnosis, and/or meditation.  As the Moon in Pisces interacts favorably with Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus in Taurus, dreams that may seem to be out of reach can be realized by accepting the responsibility that goes along with transforming them into manifestation through Pluto in Capricorn, and become a source of sustainable income and resources as they are grounded in the solid self-values of Venus in Taurus and the willingness to be the authority in your life.  

Fortunately, the Sun and Moon are engaged in the third quarter lunar phase, so while it would be easy to emotionally disappear into overwhelming feelings or play instead of working, there is an inherent last call to step up to the plate of your original intentions of the Gemini new moon cycle and put for the required effort and actions to bring them forth into manifestation.

Another significant planetary occurrence today is that Venus is currently positioned at twenty-six degrees of Taurus, which is also activating the recent lunar eclipse of May 15, 2022.  As such, a new beginning is at hand regarding financial resources, self-values, and relationships that stand the test of time.  The key to Taurus values is quality versus quantity, so planting positive seeds of self-worth, gratitude, and a simpler way of life in the fertile ground of thoughts can lead to experiencing a harvest of quality that you deserve and desire over the next nineteen years!

The emotional climate shifts before the day ends when the Moon races into impulsive Aries with a huge desire to move forward with big plans and opportunities to increase financial resources!  Jupiter, Chiron, and Mars are also moving through action-oriented Aries and are more than ready for a new adventure!  The caveat is that significant changes will be on the table when morning arrives when the Sun swims into watery Cancer, which can either put the motivational fire out or turn up pressure cooker heat on it!

In the early hours of June 21, the Sun announces the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere as it moves into Cancer, and it promises to be a hot one as the Sun has reached the highest elevation in the sky proclaiming the Summer Solstice!  

The word solstice means, “sun standing still” before it begins its descent, symbolizing that it is time to pause and determine a course of action based on information gathered during the previous forty-five days in relation to the intentions chosen for the solar year and planted at the 2022 Spring Equinox.  From the perspective of the solar cycle, this is the first quarter solar phase where one separates from the whole to seek individuality.  It is the time to step out and achieve all that you desire without human support. (1) 

If you remember a time when you were about seven years old and made the decision to run away from home to either escape authority or for a new adventure, this is very similar.  The caveat is that as you are running or pedaling away on your bike, you may have overlooked the fact that you had either left without your lunch or forgot to ask mom or dad for the money to buy it!  Only now, as it was then, you have to provide it!

However, the actions taken during this phase are based on emotions without knowing the outcome, so whether you are ready or not, it is time to move forward!  The caveat now is that the Sun in Cancer seeks security and as the Moon, Jupiter, Chiron, and Mars are all in Aries, emotional temptation to take off for adventures may override the caution of being ready for them.  Another factor is that feelings may ignite situations out of control as emotional temperatures may run high without warning, causing tempers to rage quickly and dangerously as knee-jerk reactions override common sense.

The key is to refrain from taking anything personally, as others are also feeling vulnerable, sensitive, and insecure.  Instead, see it for what it is and nurture yourself however you need to.

On the evening of June 22, Venus scoots happily into fun-loving Gemini, so it’s time to take a break and play with creativity and flirt with romance!  Mercury, the CEO of Gemini is currently sitting at nine degrees of Gemini, which was the degree of the Gemini new moon cycle on May 30, so something is stirring in the air through communication which will be activated by highlighted on July 1 when Venus reaches the ninth degree of Gemini, and then activated on September 3, when Mars arrives there.

What does that mean?  A new cycle began on May 30, regarding your purpose in relation to communication and connections, yet Mercury the ruler of Gemini was retrograde so there was a lack of clarity then, which is being revealed now offering a new perspective and opportunity to clarify choices and self-values. Then on July 1, information will become available about the resources required to accomplish the purpose that was seeded on May 30, at the new moon cycle in Gemini, and clarified now.  On September 3, when Mars arrives, actions will follow to move forward, yet may have to be reversed or reconsidered until January 12, 2023, when Mars moves forward, and then finalized on March 23, 2023. 

Whew!  That’s a lot of energy being distributed over a period of time, and the caveat with Gemini energy is that is similar to butterflies, flitting from one flower to another without a care in the world!  So the inherent challenge is to remain focused on your purpose relevant to communication, connections, and more importantly, purposefully creating reality with consistent and positive thoughts!  It will be easy to become distracted by shiny things, but all that glitters is not gold.  

The emotional climate settles down on the morning of June 23, as the Moon meanders into calm and stable Taurus, offering a brief emotional respite for the recent and heightened emotional charged activities of the Moon in Aries.  However, Venus the ruler of Taurus has just ventured into quick-thinking Gemini and is ready to spend time and money on having fun!  No doubt, road trips are on the horizon, regardless of the price of gas!  

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