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Cosmic Insights – May 22, 2023 May 21, 2023

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of May 22, 2023, begins with the Sun rising in conscious, dualistic Gemini illuminating an opportunity for a realization pertaining to the inherent power to create a desired reality with positive congruent thoughts and communication to experience the fulfillment of hopes, wishes, and dreams. The caveat is that Gemini is easily distracted by shiny things and shifts focused intentions as easily as turning a kaleidoscope!

Fortunately, Mercury the planetary agent in charge of Gemini is currently rooted in turtle speed values conscious Taurus offering a chance to choose independence from outer circumstances by anticipating future conditions and taking the appropriate actions relative to resources and relationships.

Whereas, Venus the CEO of Taurus is moving through the swift-flowing waters of sensitive Cancer with the value of overcoming obstacles by gaining emotional control of one’s inner and outer life. Meanwhile, the mother of Cancer is the Moon and is also moving through the emotional currents of Cancer with a mandate to stand up for oneself regarding parental and family matters; which may require an assessment of central issues inherited from childhood that may conflict with current values related to emotional security.

Fortunately, the Moon and Venus in Cancer have the support of Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus, along with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces to handle any resistance from Pluto in Aquarius attempting to control the unfoldment of future plans and goals to strengthen the emotional foundation of security.

Minutes after midnight on May 23, Mars in Leo challenges Jupiter in Taurus in a dynamic encounter regarding control issues relative to the financial support of implementing creative ideas into reality. The caveat is that neither Mars in Leo nor Jupiter in Taurus is conducive to cooperation as both are resistant to budging on a chosen position.

However, Mars in Leo is currently the king of the planetary lineup and is likely to take action regardless of whether the support is granted or not! As this potentially stressful challenge occurs during the nocturnal hours of sleep, it may make for a restless night of dreams portrayed as internal struggles related to either taking a potentially creative risk or playing it safe financially.

Just as the workday begins, the Moon in Cancer enters the crescent lunar phase with the Sun in Gemini, suggesting that internal emotional challenges may be resolved by gathering information and research that will provide a firm financial foundation of support from others.

On the morning of May 24, the Moon joins Mars in Leo to lend emotional energy in support of creative actions that may be able to override the reluctance of Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus to relax its grip on the purse strings or wallet by illuminating the potential future financial windfall that could fulfill hopes, wishes, and dreams! It is also helpful that the Sun in savvy Gemini is on board with the Moon and Mars in Leo, and can easily sell the ideas and actions that the Taurus planets are resisting!

However, later in the early evening hours. Venus in sensitive Cancer may feel ignored or challenged by the actions of Chiron in Aries to give attention and energy to a personal desire to heal its own wounds, instead of taking care of the needs of others.

However, the key to healing hurt feelings lies in recognizing that others are only mirroring how you are hurting yourself by not giving yourself attention, caring, and love, instead of projecting that responsibility onto others.

Shortly before the day ends on May 26, the Moon travels into hardworking and realistic Virgo with a honey-do list for the weekend. Since Virgo energy is mentally and painstaking active, outdoor activities of gardening, lawn maintenance, and/or leisure time with family, friends, and good food may become the menu for the holiday weekend instead!

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