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Cosmic Insights – December 6, 2021 December 6, 2021

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of December 6, 2021, begins with the Sun rising in expansive Sagittarius, illuminating an opportunity to seek a deeper meaning of what one believes to be true.  Jupiter, the planetary CEO of Sagittarius is currently finishing up a year-long visit in evolutionary Aquarius with an intention to create a foundation of freedom for all of humanity to experience equality as well as a greater quality of life. 

Whereas, Saturn the daily ruler of Aquarius has been and is on board with the caveat that freedom is not free.  It is a precious gift that is earned with a commitment to be responsible for the choices made in life by unconscious and conscious thoughts, beliefs, values, actions, and behaviors, without an attitude of entitlement.

The cosmic strategy available now to set this intention in motion is to consider the purpose of personal intentions and to read the signs of life for direction by returning to ancient sources that employed love, peace, beauty, and simplicity along the journey of life.  There is also a mandate by Saturn to stay true to oneself regarding plans for the future and its possibilities by retreating in a spiritual or sacred space to do the inner work necessary to fulfill the manifestation of those future plans.

Meanwhile, the Moon is climbing the emotional mountain of Capricorn to solidify a firm foundation of positive feelings to support the values and commitments required to be happy and successful in life.  Fortunately, there is also support from all of the other planets today to accomplish the process without interference, challenges, or opposition.  

Just before sunrise on December 7, the emotional climate shifts as the Moon moves into detached Aquarius with the attitude of a scientific observer of feelings as a barometer of energy to receive intuitive insights from as guidance.  Thus, the emotional climate may feel cold and uncaring, yet it isn’t.  It is merely different, as it resonates to a unique beat that it must follow to stay true to itself.

Later in the morning, Mercury the planet of conscious awareness is currently traveling through expansive Sagittarius with an opportunity to explore the truth of personal beliefs that conflict with unconscious values related to the emotional past personified by Neptune floating through the realms of unconscious emotions in Pisces.  However, the opportunity lies in the willingness to view the belief through a different perspective and to release the past through forgiveness.  Whereas, the conflict lies in the habitual need to justify the feelings through a state of victimization. 

Shortly after midnight on December 8, Mars in Scorpio steps up to challenge the icy detachment of Jupiter in Aquarius regarding the status quo of the hopes, wishes, and dreams of the future with friends and like-minded others, with clear boundaries and assertive action of power.  Scorpio energy is very passionate while the energy of Aquarius has a whatever attitude, so the key is to find the middle ground between the two to resolve the challenges.  Thus, the solution lies at 11 degrees of Capricorn, which is the degree that Venus went into the shadow of its upcoming retrograde cycle on November 17, 2021, and is indicative of going after one’s life goals.

On the morning of December 9, the Moon takes a deep dive into the emotional waters of Pisces, which may trigger unconscious feelings as the ghosts of Christmas past memories float up for resolution.  Jupiter is the daily ruler of Pisces and the metaphorical cosmic Santa Claus who is currently moving through the electrical currents of Aquarius, so the memories may surface unexpectantly during Christmas traditions of decorating the tree, preparing favorite recipes, or familiar holiday songs float through the air.  So, the floodgates of feelings may flow about those who may not be present for celebrations.  The key is to experience the feelings with gratitude for the measure of love expressed in the relationship which always exists, whether someone leaves or passes away.  

On December 11, Venus and Pluto unite at 26 degrees of Capricorn with an opportunity to experience a lightness of being in a serious dance of values and personal power to be the CEO of life, instead of waiting for someone or something to make it happen for you!  The key is to be true to your authentic self and let go of the need to impress or satisfy others.

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