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Cosmic Insights – December 27, 2021 December 26, 2021

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of December 27, 2021, begins with the Sun rising in ambitious Capricorn illuminating an opportunity to prepare for a journey into the unknown, which may potentially lead to destiny.  While the journey may be a physical one, it is also likely that it is a metaphorical subconscious journey of the past, illuminating what needs to be released for further growth.

Saturn, the CEO of Capricorn is currently residing in futuristic Aquarius and supports the process with the suggestion to review current circumstances from the elevated position of the Higher Self to realize that things of inner worth have more value and longevity than material possessions or going beyond the top of the corporate ladder.  Whereas, Uranus retrograde in Taurus and Venus retrograde in Capricorn indicate that a review of relationships that lack responsible actions or commitments also needs to be reconsidered.

Meanwhile, the Moon is cruising through Libra with an emotional review of relationships as well, as Venus, the ruler of Libra is reevaluating whether relationships will stand the test of time unless there is a demonstration with measurable actions and behaviors.

The lunar landscape changes subtly on the afternoon of December 28, as the Moon dips below the surface of conscious awareness into a subconscious pool of feelings around children, romance, and creativity.  While Scorpio energy is often intensely silent about feelings, the power of emotional energy now may elicit dramatic effects as the walls of repressed feelings come crashing down with the fury of a dam releasing water that has been held back with immense power, sweeping away everything in its path.  While that may be a recipe for strong emotional weather, it also has the potential power of emotional transformation as the past is released and a new beginning is at hand.

A few hours later the emotional energy expands greatly as Jupiter is submerged in an ocean of emotion as it dives into unconscious, spiritual Pisces for the next year.  Jupiter is the daily ruler of the seas, opportunities, and Pisces, so there is a big opportunity on a daily basis to utilize the hidden resources of the unconscious mind to magically create a desired reality of life through meditation, visualizations, hypnosis, music, and art.  The key is to allow inspiration to guide the process of realizing the vision of your life with imagination, and a belief that anything is possible!

On another note and lower vibration, Pisces also personifies victim energy and can increase states of emotional depression, hopelessness, sadness, grief with consciously realizing that is what is happening.  Thus, the key is to pay attention to what you may not be paying attention to regarding your emotional feelings, and then find a way to express them spiritually or artistically.  This is not the year to indulge in self-pity or self-medication, but to own, heal, and release negative emotions and/or limiting decisions.  Otherwise, they may become overwhelming and unconsciously self-destructive.

In the early hours of December 29, Mercury begins a new cycle of retrogradation, as it moves into the pre-shadow of the cycle at 25 degrees of Capricorn with a mandate to reassess attitudes and ideals about long-term commitments, career goals, and becoming the authoritative CEO of your life.  The preview continues until January 14, when it retrogrades at 11 degrees of Aquarius, which is where Saturn is currently positioned, so unpredictable changes may be on the horizon regarding career plans from authorities.  The key is to remain emotionally detached so you can observe the changes without taking them personally, and become inspired with new and perhaps radical solutions that work for you!

In the early hours of December 30, Mercury and Pluto unite in Capricorn with a serious commitment to ending the year on a positive note of what has been achieved throughout the year, despite the worldwide health, political, and economic challenges, which have required an individual commitment to take responsible actions without giving into public opinion or demands.

Fortunately, shortly after the workday ends, the Moon jumps into Sagittarius with more than enough enthusiasm to light up the world with fireworks and a party to end the year in cowboy style without consideration for the consequences or the hangover that is likely to follow!

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