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Cosmic Insights – December 20, 2021 December 20, 2021

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The cosmic week of December 20, 2021, begins with the Sun rising in optimistic Sagittarius illuminating an opportunity to clean up the internal environment of one’s personal beliefs and philosophies that have assisted in forming one’s identity.

Fortunately, Jupiter the magnanimous ruler of Sagittarius is finishing up a year-long visit in intuitive Aquarius and is also offering another opportunity to break free from past perceptions and come into a bigger perspective about the power and responsibility of relating to positive self-values that will build a new foundation of self-confidence during the next twelve years.  Saturn, the daily ruler of Aquarius supports the new foundation by learning from the past with an inspired vision for the future.  Whereas, Uranus retrograde in Taurus encourages the process with quality values about inner worth, instead of material possessions.

To top it off with a blessing, Venus the planetary queen of self-values, relating, and resources has just begun retrograding back through earthy Capricorn with an opportunity to ascend one’s consciousness with a reevaluation of what is truly important in life.  Thus, the planetary gift for humanity during this Christmas season is an opportunity to build a firm foundation of values that will serve the higher purpose of life.  Therefore, a reading of Charles Dickens’s, Christmas Carol may be a great reminder of the meaning of life in general.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Cancer is wading through an emotional pond of feelings related to home and family relationships.  While, there is an unconscious tendency to seek nurturing, caring, and love from others, it is also important to extend those qualities to oneself instead of expecting or demanding them from others.  Therefore, there is an opportunity during the next couple of days to gift oneself those qualities as a demonstration of self-love and caring during this holiday season.

On the morning of December 21, the Sun moves into serious and authoritative Capricorn announcing the arrival of the Winter Solstice.  The significance of the Winter Solstice is a celebration of light as the Sun begins to climb back toward its highest position in the northern sky.  As such, humanity also has an opportunity to symbolically be reborn by celebrating the Light of Spirit within.  Even though the weather is getting colder, the Spirit within begins to reclaim the joy and hope of life within its heart, with an anticipation of a brighter year ahead.

On a mundane level, this is also the turning of the solar year begun at the recent Spring Equinox and is the third quarter solar phase when it is time to take responsible actions to manifest the seeds of intention planted last spring to experience prosperity and success.

Saturn, the CEO of Capricorn is continuing its stay in eclectic Aquarius while it builds a foundation to manifest reality through abstract creative ideas fueled by intuitive insights.  As Aquarius energy is always on the cutting edge of technology and future-oriented ideas, now is the time to put them into action, without filtering them through traditional practices or tried and true methods.

Later in the afternoon, the Moon moves out of the emotional waters of Cancer into the fiery heart of Leo with a sign of bold courage to lovingly assert self-values regarding resources, creativity, romance, and children with authoritative power!  The caveat is that Venus is retrograde in Capricorn and it is important to know and believe that you are the authority in your life to demonstrate that power.  Otherwise, it is just an exercise in false bravado to elicit emotional drama. 

The other consideration of the Moon in Leo now is that it can be generous to a fault when its heartstrings are being pulled, so giving to others now embodies a gift from the heart as well as resources; which only adds to the positive energy of the season!

In the early hours of December 24, Saturn in Aquarius makes its final square to Uranus retrograde in Taurus with a serious and perhaps unpredictable challenge to accept that changes are blowing in the wind of time with a higher understanding of current circumstances is inevitable through intuitive insights.  The key is that the missing pieces of the puzzle regarding relationships are being put together for a clearer picture.  Thus, the valuable gift that is available to everyone is to trust the insights instead of justifying the behaviors of others you don’t value the relationship.

Shortly after, the Moon swiftly switches emotional gears as it walks into methodical Virgo, with a powerful attitude to clear the air with clear communication about the direction one is taking about serious and long-term commitments in relation to the future of hopes, wishes, and dreams.

Last but not least, Jupiter the cosmic Santa Claus is leaving Aquarius before the year ends and will not be back in Aquarius for another twelve years so he is offering a gift to humanity before he leaves, to make a wish upon a star that your hopes, wishes, and dreams shine brightly through your unique individuality during the next twelve years!  

Then with a nod of his head, and a twinkle in his eye, he exclaims, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Veronica is a professional astrologer certified by the NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance, Master Hypnotherapist and Instructor certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the American Board of NLP, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM certified by the Time Line TherapyTM Association, Reiki Master of the Usui Sei Chem Tibetan lineage, and an Ordained Minister by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

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