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Cosmic Insights – April 4, 2022 April 4, 2022

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Cosmic Insights – April 4, 2022

By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of April 4, 2022, begins with the Sun rising in conquering Aries, illuminating an opportunity to weave security and independence by overcoming the impulse to accept the projections of others as personal and respond with a knee-jerk reaction.   

Fortunately, Mars the CEO of Aries is moving through Aquarius with detachment about the opinions of others as it seeks to manifest hopes, wishes, and dreams with innovative actions and intuitive insights.  Whereas, Saturn the daily CEO of Aquarius is also moving through eclectic Aquarius with a goal to build the foundation for the manifestation over the next two and a half years that can last during the next thirty years.  Once Saturn has tweaked the desire with edgy brilliance, then Uranus in Taurus takes over to prepare the groundwork that will sustain the desire with a profound realization of self-sufficiency and at-one-ment with all forms of life, which opens the doorway of opportunity to emerge from the cocoon of comfortability, and take flight on the journey of self-realization, as hopes, wishes, and dreams materialize.  The caveat is awakening to the realization that everything you require to fulfill the journey is already within you, and to revel with joy with each new self-discovery!

Meanwhile, the Moon is continuing to move slowly through calm and gentle Taurus offering an emotional balm to the current challenges of maintaining a responsible commitment to career goals, while simultaneously wanting to break free of them.  The key is to release any emotional feelings that are attached to the outcome, so the energy can be freed to realize the options available to accomplish the desired objection with a feeling of anticipation and freedom.  It is similar to a kite not being able to get off the ground unless you give it a lot of string and strong wind to fly it higher!

Later in the evening, Mars and Saturn unite at twenty-three degrees of Aquarius offering a new cycle of opportunity related to building onto an existing career foundation with innovative actions and intuitive insights to experience the manifestation of hopes, wishes, and dreams!  This union will not occur in Aquarius again until May 2050, so it is time to build a business based on technology, abstract concepts, and innovative solutions!

The emotional climate shifts on the evening of April 4, as the Moon breezes into curious and playful Gemini, which may stir up feelings through communication!  The Moon in Gemini expresses feelings through flirting with the idea of romance like butterflies flit from one flower to another!  Mercury the CEO of Gemini is currently blazing a trail through fiery Aries, so direct remarks made casually may quickly start a raging fire that burns out of control during the next few days!

In the midmorning hours of April 5, Venus floats into the oceanic waters of Pisces for the next three weeks, thus relating to others romantically may seem like a soul mate connection or being submerged in a deep sea of emotions that cannot be conveyed in mere words.  The key is to allow the emotions to guide you through unchartered waters without drowning in them.  The scene in the movie Titanic, where Jack drowns in the freezing waters and Rose survives floating on the door, is a reminder to stay in the boat and float on the sea of emotional feelings instead of sinking into the depths of them.

In the midmorning of April 7, the Moon slips into the emotional pond of Cancer and may stir up unconscious feelings related to childhood, family, and the home environment that could be a catalyst to heal unresolved emotional issues as they surface.  The key is the willingness to acknowledge them and then release any emotional turbulence instead of reliving them through their memories of them.   The end result is that you become in charge of your emotional feelings, instead of them unconsciously running your life.

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