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Cosmic Insights – April 25, 2022 April 24, 2022

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Photo courtesy of Scout Harman and DirtRoad Artwork

By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of April 25, 2022, begins with the Sun rising up through the rays of patient, slow-moving Taurus illuminating an opportunity to solve problems with creative solutions. This illumination is encouraging in light of the ongoing third quarter lunar phase which is symbolic of taking responsible actions to manifest the intentions of the current Aries new moon cycle.

Venus, the values-conscious planet in charge of Taurus energy is currently floating upon the emotional and psychic currents of Pisces, supporting the process with revelations and the channeling of new information received from the collective unconscious. Then, Jupiter the daily ruler of Pisces offers expansive opportunities to harvest the potential of what is possible, by making the most of what is available. Whereas, Neptune the transcendental ruler of the seas is suggesting that it is time to let go of what is not working, or no longer needed to experience a state of peace that passeth all understanding.

Meanwhile, the Moon has joined Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces with a huge opportunity to dissolve unconscious emotional feelings of victimization, passive-aggressive behaviors, self-values, and beliefs of unworthiness, by the realization of the Presence of a Higher Power within. Thankfully, the Sun, Uranus, and Mercury provide the opportunity to integrate the values and beliefs of an ability to experience a desired personal reality by the acceptance of that Power within. That acceptance in and of itself is a powerful act of self-awareness during the third quarter lunar phase.

In the early hours of April 26, Mercury enters into the shadow of its upcoming retrograde cycle in May, with a preview of information related to resources and relationships. Mercury goes into the shadow in Taurus, but the retrograde cycle occurs in Gemini, so this cycle of misinformation may pack a long-lasting punch. The key is to align relationships and financial resource values with the information being received during the preview, in preparation for the retrograde on May 10.

Shortly before lunch on April 27, the Moon blazes into headstrong, fiery Aries with a motivating desire to take big actions based on feelings to experience the freedom of unlimited opportunities! The caveat is that Mars the planet of action and the warrior in charge of Aries is currently submerged in the unconscious depths of oceanic Pisces without the urge to act. Mars in Pisces is more inclined to follow the path of least resistance and wait for the action to occur instead of pursuing it. Thus, hypnotic and visualization techniques may be the current solution to the action during the next couple of days and weeks. The key is to resist passive-aggressive actions that subconsciously sabotage the desired results.

Just as the weekend begins on April 29, Mercury heads into smooth and fast-talking Gemini with a sales pitch to avoid, unless there is a subconscious desire to empty your bank account to a con artist! While Mercury is traveling through Gemini, identity theft, internet scams, and pie in the sky schemes may become a real threat when Mercury goes retrograde on May 10, which could take until June 18 to unravel and reappear for action on August 20, when Mars enters Gemini that could also take until March 2023 to clear up as Mars is going retrograde in October of 2022. This cycle of Mercury and later Mars in Gemini can also impact travel plans, computer technology, vehicle maintenance, and/or repairs. The key is to pay attention to details, back up computers, wait until after the Mercury retrograde cycle in June before purchasing cars, and do thorough research on all purchases and/or offers that seem too good to be true!

Later in the evening, the Moon moves slowly into values-conscious Taurus with an opportunity to reflect upon any emotional feelings that need to be released in preparation for the new moon/solar eclipse cycle beginning on April 30. As the current lunar phase is balsamic with Venus in Pisces ruling the Moon and Sun in Taurus, it is an opportune time to forgive, forget, and release the past nineteen years for a new cycle to experience the next nineteen years with abundant prosperity and relationship values that ensure a greater quality of life of abundance, love, peace, and happiness!

Veronica is a professional astrologer certified by the NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance, Master Hypnotherapist and Instructor certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the American Board of NLP, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM certified by the Time Line TherapyTM Association, Reiki Master of the Usui Sei Chem Tibetan lineage, and an Ordained Minister by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.

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