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Cosmic Insights – April 11, 2022 April 11, 2022

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Photo courtesy of Scout Hartman and DirtRoad Artwork

By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of April 11, 2022, begins with the Sun rising in spirited Aries illuminating an opportunity to experience a life of endless possibilities and rewards by actively following an entrepreneurial pathway to bliss!

Mars, the CEO of Aries is finishing up a tour in individualistic Aquarius with a mantra to gather resources to go your own way if future plans are not in alignment with an unconventional approach to manifest hopes, wishes, and dreams.

Saturn, the daily CEO of Aquarius is also positioned in freedom-loving Aquarius with a mandate to develop skills precipitated by intuitive insights that are on the cutting edge of future technology to build the foundation of career goals and ambitions.

Whereas, Uranus the awakener of Aquarius energy is steadfast in earthy, grounded Taurus with a desire for self-sufficiency and awareness of at-one-ment with all life.

Fortunately, Venus the queen of Taurus, relating, and resources is on board with the desires of Uranus as it moves through peace-loving Pisces to awaken spiritually to experience a sense of Oneness with all aspects of life.

Last, but not least Jupiter and Neptune the respective rulers of Pisces are making plans to unite later in the week with a spiritual awareness that adaptability and compromise are the keys to sustaining good relations to live in peaceful coexistence.

Meanwhile, the Moon is striding through proud Leo with a desire to transform subconscious emotional trauma from past childhood experiences, which potentially sabotages the quality of life now. The key is to utilize the opportunity to consciously release negative emotions and/or limiting decisions instead of reliving the drama of them in order to justify their existence.

During the midmorning of April 12, the Moon treads into mentally adept Virgo with an opportunity to receive information from friends and like-minded other relationships values and resources.

Mercury the planetary agent of information, connections, and communication has recently left impulsive Aries to spend some quality time contemplating personal self-values through the mirror of the current quality of life experiences and relationships. The caveat is that Taurus energy is governed by Venus which is currently floating through oceanic Pisces.

Thus, it is easy to lose sight of what is in your best interest, through the lens of relating to others with rose-colored glasses. A clue to navigating the unchartered emotional turmoil of relating now is to seek clarity with a silent observation of the behaviors of others that will be a demonstration of whether you are valued by them or not.

However, minutes after the Moon travels into Virgo, Jupiter and Neptune merge in Pisces with an opportunity to join with others in a collaborative artistic venture which could expand exponentially during the next twelve years! The opportunity to relate to and through others with a cohesive vision has the potential to catapult the vision into realizing unlimited career opportunities or be missed altogether if emotional confusion clouds the vision instead of clarifying it. The key is to align the vision with clear intentions that begin with individual desires and are released to Spirit for the manifestation of the highest good of all.

So, writers, artists, musicians, painters, healers, and whatever context your individual artistic talents occur in, we are all being called now to contribute our talents with a vision of Oneness that has the potential to bring the world of humanity together in peace!

On the afternoon of April 14, the Moon dances into relationship-oriented Libra with an opportunity to experience some emotional self-care related to unconscious emotional self-values which may surface unexpectantly during daily routines and the work environment.

Venus, the CEO is Libra is diving down into the unconscious emotional realms of memories that may elicit deja vu feelings of having been in a previous relationship with someone you just met!

Just before retiring for the night, Mars leaves intuitive Aquarius as it drifts into sensitive Pisces for the next few weeks. The warrior nature of Mars is not fond of being submerged in deep emotional currents, so passive-aggressive communication and behaviors may unconsciously dissolve the intended vision of creation before it has a chance to emerge into manifestation.

With Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter all submerged in Pisces now, it is wise to come up for air and pay attention to what is easy to miss with emotional overwhelming distractions.

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