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Cosmic Insights – February 6, 2023 February 5, 2023

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of February 6, 2023, begins with the Sun rising up through eclectic Aquarius, illuminating an energetic illusion as warm rays appear to fill the morning light, yet in reality are frigid cold. As such, there is also an opportunity being highlighted to reveal the true nature of oneself and others by returning to the ancient source of intuition which is absent of emotional feelings that obscure the truth.

While Saturn, the daily CEO of Aquarius is also in Aquarius providing intuitive insights as information to build upon the foundation of the future by communicating a message about the changing values of relating and resources through Uranus in Taurus.

Whereas, Venus the queen of Taurus, relating, and resources, is faced with the choice of fighting for something or reasoning through the intellect about personal opportunities relative to personal values. The key is to own those values and then take the appropriate actions to communicate a position of standing up for oneself, which may in turn call for some personal alone time to contemplate the best possible choices available to move forward.

Meanwhile, the Moon is finishing up a tour of Leo in a yod configuration with Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn with an emotional feeling that taking care of the internal state of the inner child is the primary responsibility of adults so that a healthy relationship can be cultivated with oneself, and thereby attract healthy relationships with others that are free of codependent attachment or behaviors.

As this dynamic occurs on the heels of a full moon phase between the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo on February 5, the purpose of unconditional and conditional love is highlighting the difference between the two, which may have been triggered by the position of Uranus in Taurus who is resistant to demands, expectations, or the limitation of personal freedom to have friendships with others without infringing on committed relationships.

Later in the afternoon, the Moon shifts emotional gears as it moves into methodical Virgo reflecting on the important values that make the grade regarding relationships and resources. The nature of Virgo energy is discernment, accountability, and results, so the mental balance sheet is brought out during the next couple of days to review the pros and cons of whether the current state of personal values is working, or not.

Depending on the emotional review, Mercury the planetary agent of Virgo is currently in authoritative Capricorn and will begin making some serious decisions with long-term commitments to stabilize the foundation of relating with reliable information. As such, now is not the time to engage in frivolous conversation about important matters, otherwise, your thoughts and ideas may not be considered as having any value or affect the decisions being made. The caveat is that it will be easy to flirt with ideas and information without solid facts or details as Mercury rules Mars in Gemini now, and Gemini likes to play with information without due diligence of the work involved to get it right

In the early hours of February 9, the Moon leaves the analytical terrain of Virgo, as it glides into airy relationship-oriented Libra with an emotional desire to communicate values relative to romance and soul mate connections.

However, Venus the queen of relating is moving through elusive Pisces with rose-colored glasses, so the message may get lost in the delivery as Jupiter the daily ruler of Pisces is racing impatiently through Aries with a desire to take care of itself without considering the impact of an abrupt attitude has on the dance of relating!

Whereas, Mars the supervisor of Aries is moving through quicksilver Gemini with flirty behaviors and a silver tongue to charm the way back into the good graces of Venus to salvage the weekend before the Moon moves into secretive Scorpio on February 11!

On the midmorning of February 10, a union between Mercury and Pluto occurs in powerful Capricorn offering a huge opportunity and a new beginning related to professional career goals and business endeavors, which may take an alternate direction as technology advances on the horizon shifts the nature of the foundation without notice.

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