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Cosmic Insights – February 13, 2023 February 13, 2023

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of February 13, 2023, begins on an enlightening note as the Sun rises up through the icy brilliance of Aquarius illuminating an opportunity to rise above the distortions of life through intuitive awareness and gather the necessary resources to sustain the foundation of one’s life.  

Saturn the daily CEO of Aquarius is also moving through futuristic Aquarius with a message to commit to the foundation of personal enlightenment during the next few weeks before it leaves Aquarius for the next twenty-nine years.  

As Saturn is leaving Aquarius, taking a mental inventory of the revolutionary changes that have taken place in the last two and a half years can provide insights into whether a greater degree of individuality emerged in handling the global pandemic that changed the way humans interacted with one another and their environment.

Around the world, the pandemic caused restrictions that were for the most part unimaginable, the donning of masks, vaccinations, social distancing, work interruptions, scheduling nightmares, supply chain issues, and the countless loss of lives as fear and precautions trumped the world news on a daily basis.  Yet, humanity survived it.  That is the nature of Saturn, it does not ask what we want to learn, it provides the lesson and you adapt, overcome, adjust, or succumb in the process.  If we are wise, we adapt, adjust, and overcome the restrictions and as a result, learn just how resilient we are and are more prepared for the next round of lessons on the horizon.

Fortunately and challenging at the same time, Uranus is the evolutionary ruler of Aquarius and has been positioned in strong, silent Taurus since March of 2019, and while it did mix it up with Saturn in Aquarius from time to time in 2020 – 2022, it did provide the needle of the compass for the lessons signed up for during that time.  This has been an interesting dynamic of energy as generally, Saturn is the steady hand on the wheel of life that Uranus jerks abruptly with unpredictable events and circumstances.   So in a sense, the foundation of life has been jerked around with twists and turns that no one saw coming with Saturn in Aquarius while Uranus in Taurus stabilized the circumstances with simple, back-to-basics and perhaps if we were lucky, a greater value for life and the things we so often take for granted became apparent.

While all of this took place in the past couple of years when Saturn ushered in the lessons on dealing with the unknown,  it was likely preparing humanity for what are unpredictable changes on the horizon as Pluto makes its entry into Aquarius in March 2023 when the process of transforming those lessons takes place.  As such, humanity is on the road to evolutionary enlightenment until January of 2044, so buckle your seat belts, put away your tray tables, turn off your electronics, and get ready for the ride of your life!  If you paid your dues with your attention during the past couple of years, you’ll be prepared for the unpredictable changes during the coming years, so don’t forget to thank Saturn for the lessons before it leaves Aquarius on March 23, 2023.  

Also, Uranus will remain in Taurus until April of 2026, so there is still a steady hand on the wheel if Saturn in Pisces tends to drift off the road during the rest of the journey.  The key is to continue redefining the quality of life with values that will stand the test of time, and you will do just fine.  Now that Uranus has reached fifteen degrees of Taurus, the opportunity is at hand to evaluate every aspect of life and whether it is building onto the foundation for a greater quality of life, or stubbornly resisting the changes that would ensure it.

Currently, Venus the queen of relating and ruler of Taurus and resources is surfing the deep unconscious waves of oceanic Pisces, those values may be blurred around the edges of overwhelming confusion and a desire to escape making decisions without the clarity needed to do so.

Meanwhile, Jupiter the daily ruler of Pisces is moving impatiently through Aries with an impulsive nature to take actions without careful consideration of the long-term results that will play out over the next twelve years in a big way.  Therefore, the key to taking action now is to utilize Mars the planetary supervisor of Aries is currently traveling through Gemini with a suitcase full of options to harness careless actions with information and flexible choices.  

However, Mercury the planetary agent of Gemini is receiving intuitive insights as it flies through eclectic Aquarius, so while there will be multiple sources of information available, listening to the intuitive voice of knowing over the thinking voice of logic, will be a path to consider for the next few weeks.  So if you don’t know the direction that your life is headed in now, just wait until you do know and you will be on the right path.

Meanwhile, the Moon is moving through mysterious Scorpio, stealthily stealing an opportunity to conspire with Venus and Neptune in Pisces to transform visions into reality sanctioned by Pluto in Capricorn!  So if something or someone is doing their best to leave your life, let them go!  When one door closes, another opens and if the transformation has done its work, the results of your life will be transformed!  The key is that you do have to initiate the desire for the transformation and allow the Universe to take care of the details!

Later in the evening, the Moon gallops into Sagittarius without a saddle leaving a thundering message with its hooves about a desire for personal freedom, which may have the effect of throwing cold water on the elusive dreams of fairy-tale endings and romantic encounters symbolized by Venus and Neptune in Pisces.

However, Jupiter, the king of Sagittarius is racing through Aries at breakneck speed to avoid long-term commitments!  Thus, Valentine’s celebrations may fall flat as Mars the planetary warrior is also quickly moving through flirty Gemini attempting to smooth talk its way out of making promises it has no intention of keeping!  After all, Gemini energy likes to play with the idea of relationships, while keeping options of availability open at the same time!  Yet, Mercury is moving through unpredictable Aquarius and may turn the tables of relationships with a detached attitude of “maybe we should just be friends”!

Just minutes before sunrise on February 15, Venus and Neptune unite in Pisces with rose-colored glasses that may be abruptly removed by the light of the Sun revealing the truth of people for who and what they truly are, as personal values are up for discussion or alluded to with casual conversation to evade the revelations!  However, by the end of the day the Moon in Sagittarius may trample on emotional expectations in a quest for personal freedom.  

On a positive note, the Venus/Neptune marriage is also an opportunity for a new perspective on relationship values that can be channeled as inspiration for creative outlets.  Writing, painting, music, poetry, crafting, meditation, hypnosis, and spirituality are just some of the avenues to pursue in a quest for healing, guidance, and letting go of what isn’t working for something that will.

Just before the day ends, the Moon begins to climb a mountain of emotions with a down-to-business attitude and strategy of self-care that builds onto a foundation of self-nurturing, respect, and a refusal to settle for less.  Saturn, the daily CEO of Capricorn in offering support in the process with respect to individual desires for personal freedom, while resisting the responsibility to take care of others who want to restrict that freedom.  

Since 2008, Pluto has been positioned in serious Capricorn with an opportunity to take responsibility for becoming the CEO of personal reality. As a result, the Moon has had its work cut out to support that opportunity and on a monthly basis has made some personal hard choices of emotional sacrifices related to family matters to emotionally take care of itself and forge its way up the ladder of career success, Thus, it is appropriate to pat yourself on the back as you review the last fifteen years of hard work, dedication to goals, and the personal limitations experienced to reach this pinnacle of personal success!

On the midmorning of February 16, the Sun and Saturn form a union in Aquarius with an opportunity to align the purpose of life with a responsible commitment to the future, built on the foundation of the past.  Aquarius energy is the future of evolutionary enlightenment, humanity, technology, electricity, air travel, inventions, and the unknown, so there will be unpredictable changes to the plans of the union, yet therein lies the progress of the future! 

The personal key to the foundational changes is to intentionally create them with powerful, intuitive brilliant thought patterns before the changes are created by default.  

Just before the day ends on February 17, the Moon flies into emotionally detached Aquarius with an opportunity to disconnect from the responsibilities of the work week, technology, and anything else that serves as a distraction from personal downtime and relaxation. 

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