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Cosmic Insights – February 20, 2023 February 19, 2023

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By Veronica G. Hartman

The celestial week of February 20. 2023, begins with the Sun rising up from the depths of ethereal Pisces illuminating an opportunity to retrieve unwarranted power which has been unconsciously projected onto others to ensure personal survival.  The quality of Pisces energy is very elusive, like fog rising up to obscure the rays of the sun until the warmth and power of the Sun dissolves the mist of condensation revealing the clarity that was previously clouded.

Jupiter, the daily king of oceanic Pisces is currently racing through fiery Aries to support the process by taking charge to communicate boundaries and values with actions. The key is to state one’s case with persistence until the message is demonstrated with the appropriate actions of others, or try a new approach with a different behavior!

Meanwhile, the Moon has slipped into the unconscious realms of Pisces after a meeting with the Sun hours before the sun came up, opening a new cycle to consciously create a desired reality in the present with the power of emotional visualization and communication, or compound a state of victimization by continuing to live in the past.

As this new moon cycle in Pisces occurs in the balsamic solar phase of the year prior to the Spring Equinox of 2023, now is an opportune time to release the past with forgiveness, and chose new seeds of reality to plant on March 20!  So grab some artistic tools, visual images of what is desired, and a vision board to create a visual image that will stir the imagination of your soul into action!

Also, as a precautionary warning, Venus also moved into impulsive Aries shortly after the new moon occurred, so some may jump out of bed ready to begin the day while others may get up on the wrong side of it!  Remember to refrain from taking it personally, or unintentionally triggering sensitive feelings to avoid unnecessary confrontations or flying words and objects sailing through the air!  So, relationships may seem to become one-sided without consideration for the values or resources of others during the next few weeks.  

On a positive note, the air becomes clear about the direction that relationships are going toward, and/or the motivation required about upcoming changes has a ‘git er done’ attitude!

In the early evening of February 21, relationship challenges may become apparent as Mercury in Aquarius squares off with Uranus in Taurus as Mercury in Aquarius wants resolutions about resources and relating that Uranus in Taurus is stubbornly resisting.  However, the path of least resistance and pain lies in accepting the changes whether they are wanted or not to restore emotional peace.

Otherwise, later that evening the Moon jumps impatiently into Aries, joining Venus and Jupiter for a couple of days so all bets are off about cooperative negotiations!  In fact, it may be more of a demonstration of emotional fireworks and explosive actions that clarifies individual desires and positions!  

The key is to avoid stepping on the toes of others’ feelings while impatiently racing around to jump into new activities without considering the consequence!  Mars, the planetary enforcer of boundaries is currently flying through communicative Gemini now with more than one option to make a point, so words spoken in haste or reactions may be a catalyst of unpredictable changes that clears the air of doubt and confusion!

Fortunately, the lunar climate settles down on February 24 for a few hours as the Moon meanders quietly into slow gentle Taurus, offering a brief respite to allow the emotional dust to collect from recent emotional upheavals.  However, Taurus energy is guided by Venus who is speeding recklessly through Aries with blunt and abrupt communicative actions that cut through the air like a knife, so walking softly upon rising and leaving quickly before tempers have a chance to flair up would be wise!

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